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May 11, 2015
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i know some of you having issues with the latency in the game.. (disconnection on loading queues, unstable pings, and signal strength)

along with garena we discussed with this issue. beyond our knowledge and specification, we can help you guide to play the game as smooth as u expect.

we've seen lot of concerns about this issue, but we have things we need to consider. since we tested this a lot of times and i come up with this guide for you to try out first.

*check your connection and ping with your area. mostly using ISP data connections.
*Lessen the background running apps as it will run along with the game as it consumes RAM.
*Main culprit for unstable pings is the frequent notification updates from RAM hungry social apps. expect noticable framedrops as you recieve notifications on this apps or better turn this notifications to discreet and run the game for yourself. i guarantee you to try this and expect a noticable result.

further from this, if the game still unstable to play for you.. feel free to tag me on your post concerns and i might help you personally as we solve it for you. also drop your concerns and pm the group whenever im not around. thanx guys for your understanding.


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Jan 4, 2017
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In my observation about the server

1. The lag isn't gone... pero lumipat sya sa mga hindi lag

  • 60% laggers
  • 40% Laggers
naging ganito sya
  • 30% Laggers
  • 60% not laggers
  • 10% Unaffected
(Lag o hindi Still walang pagbabago)

Lumipat ung lag sa ibang device or lugar kaya meron paring konting latency issue sa server

2. High Fps Rate
This option will allow you to make your fps dramatically increase but it consumes more battery and may lead to afk because of overheat

This option is not recommended sa mga medyo adik talaga sa aov
Like naglalaro habang nag chacharging and walang pahingang kakalaro

I recommend not to use it while charging and Play 1-5 times para di magkaproblema sa battery mo

This option, by the way, can be unlocked in these steps
  1. Go to setting
  2. Pindutin mo ng pindutin dun sa may upper right kahit wala kang nakikitang button
  3. Go to main menu
  4. Go back to setting
Then the option is revealed or unlocked

This option will be gone if you exit the game... so dont forget to trigger the effect before playing to avoid lags in clshing

This option again can breakthrough limits from 35 ms to 60+ ( Depende sa phone mo)

Eto lang po ung mga napansin ko ngaun sa game


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Nov 4, 2018
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Due to unforeseen events (earthquake, heavy rain) the past days and the electrical issue currently affecting parts of Indonesia, players were reported AFK while others are getting unstable connection and high ping. Garena ID is aware of the said reports and is working on resolving the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience as this affects our gaming experience.

Meanwhile, we'd also like to add that Garena ID had already reached out with Smart and Globe regarding the in game ping. They are closely monitoring for updates, our concerns were heard.

As they do not have yet a time frame for all these, as players, we also need to do our part in continuously reporting all game concerns to the customer support site. Know that pages and groups are not managed by Garena Customer Support, so they won't have visibility of players' post.

We share the same sentiments and we are all with you in hoping and praying that all these gets fixed soon.

Let's also pray for the safety of everyone in the AOV Community across all of MSPI affected by the earthquake and heavy rain.

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