AoV Lauriel Crash Course


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Jul 31, 2018
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This crash course features my personal choices whenever I pick Lauriel!

Tip: Blink has invulnerable frames which you can utilize to avoid taking damage. You can get a hang of the invulnerable frames by practicing in hero trial and avoid taking damage from Dark Slayer.
Tip: Blink before using your ulti so you can position yourself better to fight within your ulti.
Tip: You can juke enemies by Blinking in and using endure to bait cooldowns.

*DISCLAIMER* These are my preference in Arcana choices. If you think that there are better Arcana choices, please share it with us!

1. Violate - Choosing this for the magic pierce because it helps with Lauriel's early game damage before she gets her items and cooldowns.
2. Colossus - The extra health helps both early and late game because the longer Lauriel is alive, the more she is able to dish out damage.
3. Flurry - The attack speed is unnecessary but the magic pierce is too much to give up!

Thank you for viewing my Lauriel Crash Course! It's something I would use and it's completely up to you if you agree with my choices.

Did you check out my latest video? I will be giving away Lauriel skin codes for the month of March so stay tuned!

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