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May 11, 2015
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I've had enough; i've seen these mistakes over and over again . So, here are some major macro tips:

0) OBJECTIVES (towers, AD, DS, core, etc.) > KILLS - ALWAYS

0.05) Don't flame; it doesn't help anyone

0.075) Set your attack settings to "Minions and Towers" and to "Reveal Hero Icons". That can be found in the settings button.

0.10) Kills are not ends; kills are means. Meaning, getting kills should not be your goal. But, getting an objective after getting a kill should be your goal.

After all, kills don't get you wins; getting enemy towers and getting the enemy core gets you wins

0.25) Be aware of the mini-map.

0.5) Don't chase for kills, unless if it's needed to secure an objective. But for most of the time, DON'T CHASE KILLS

0.75) Especially in solo queue, and in general, let your team know your intentions. Meaning, use pings, e.g. retreat, attack, rally, etc.

You could also change your quick chat in the main lobby settings.

Bonus tip: If you press the "+" icon at the lower right of the mini-map, it would show an expanded map. After that:

-if you press a location in the map that's not an objective, it would call out "Pay attention" and it would ping that location

-if you press an objective in the map, it would call out that objective

-if you long press in any location in the map, it would give you three choices to more specific pings, hindi ko maalala kung ano-ano yung mga iyon

1)Clear wave

2) If you think you want to go for an objective, do #1

3) If you want to fight, do #1 first

4) If you want to save your tower, do #1

5) If you want to destroy a tower, do #1

6) Don't fight when you're underfarmed

6.5) Don't fight the enemy team when they have the DS buff.

6.75) As much as possible, don't fight when your team is outnumberd

7) Don't fight when your team is underfarmed.

8) Don't steal your jungler's jungle.

9) If you can't follow #8, atleast wait for them to reach level 4 - but avoid doing this.

10) When you're behind, don't overextend- meaning: don't go beyond the range where you could safely get secured back in your tower

Those are all that I could remember for now . If you have any other macro tips or clarifications, comment them down .

Thank you for reading

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