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Jul 31, 2018
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Konicheebye to my Preyta Guide! I have 10 years of MOBA gaming experience playing League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Mobile Legends & Arena of Valor.

I'm writing this guide because I really enjoy Preyta! I have notice that people are picking up my item build and using it so I thought it would be better if I explain how to put that to good use!

This will be a relatively lengthy, in-depth guide explaining how to use Preyta. I'm still learning every day, so don't be afraid to comment and tell me if I'm wrong.

Patch Changes

Version 13 ~ Changes
  • Plague Specter:
    • Base magic damage reduced from 360/450/540/630/720/810 (+0.55AP) to 240/300/360/420/480/540 (+0.37AP)
    • Reduced cast animation time from 0.8s to 0.4s
    • Changed from charging for 2s fully to deal double damage to the longer you charge, the higher the damage output will be (max. 300% base damage)
  • Poison Gas Bomb: Can be casted immediately after Plague Specter
Version 13 ~ Comments

This is a decent buff to Preyta, reducing his cast animation time and making his full charges deal more damage. It puts Preyta in somewhat a strong position with the nerfs to the current mobile mages. No changes in itemization.

Version 12 `~ Changes

Ability 1: Plague Specter

Magic damage changed from 320/420/520/620/720/820 (+0.55AP) → 360/450/540/630/720/810 (+0.55AP)

Version 12 ~ Comments

A slight bump in our damage early game to help clear waves faster. It can help our early game by quite a tad bit. 10 AP decrease can almost be negligible. Overall, slightly buffed.

Strength & Weakness

High Burst Damage
Multi-Functional Hero
Long Range Poke
Extremely Mobile Due to Passive
Riding a fucking dragon

Position Heavy
Requires exceptional prediction skills to make full use of Plague Scepter
Poor Sustained Damage without Ulti


Ideally, we want to always use Flicker because it provides you with the mobility that you lack. It can save you from sticky situations, help you initiate or simply position yourself better.

Tip: You can use Flicker to blink across impassable terrain.

It is just an overall great spell for you and your team. You benefit from it, your team benefits from it and you'd most probably pick this because you have yet to unlock Flicker or Purify. Be a team player then, pick heal.

Tip: Heal gives you a short boost in speed, don't be afraid to use it to escape or to chase down your enemies!

We would choose Purify because you can purge incoming crowd control effects. It could be the defining moment between a live or die situation for you. See that Grakk hook coming? Purify. See that Slimz spear heading for you and you are unable to dodge? Purify.

Tip: Don't wait for the crowd control to hit you before you use Purify. Use it preemptively. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

Plague Scepter-centric Build

Your role as a Mage (Position 2) is to provide damage in the form of magic. If you play your role right, your opponent will be forced to build defense items to deal with your awesomeness.

This particular build is crafted to maximise Preyta's kit. It focuses on your ability to maximise your ridiculously long and wide skill that scales the longer you charge it - up to a maximum of 2 seconds. At the same time, putting the extended range and increase in damage that your ulti does to your auto attacks.

Preyta should be played from a safe distance as you carefully predict your opponents next step and pre-plan your burst damage towards them. You have decent crowd control which can re-position your opp to your advantage.

Opening Items
1x Spell Tome (Price: 300 Gold)

You should always start with a Spell Tome because it it's 1 half of the items that build into Phoenix Tear.

Basic Items
1x Phoenix Tear (Price: 600 Gold)

60 AP & when the hero gains a level, 20% of HP and mana are restored over 3 seconds. For 600 Gold?! We in Value Town boys.

You are able to get this item before Level 3 by simply purchasing a Spell Tome at the start and soaking 2 lanes of creep. It's an item that will be useful all the way till you reach level 15 (Max Level). It saves you time from going back to base which in turn allows you to continue farming, increasing your farm efficiency.

1x Sonic Boots (Price: 700 Gold) or Gilded Greaves (Price: 690 Gold)

Reduces normal attack damage taken or Resistance +35% (Reduce duration of crowd control effects)? You decide. 2 or more physical assassins on the opponent team? Pick Sonic Boots. Heroes with a lot of CC - like Gildur? Pick Gilded Greaves. Opponent team has Raz? Pick Gilded Greaves.

It depends very much on your opponent's team composition and you have to weigh what's gonna kill you the most.

"Why not the other boots? I think Enchanted Kicks is pretty good with the +75 Magic Pierce." Fuck the other boots, that's what I'd say. Just ask yourself this simple question, can you buy either Sonic Boots or Gilded Greaves passives with your Arcana? Ya, that's what I thought.

Core Items
1x Hecate's Diadem (Price: 2300 Gold)

Huge huge chunk of AP from this item, scales as you get more items due to passive. Provides you some magic pierce to counter defense items.

As I dabble more into AP heroes, this item should be a staple in every single build. It's the RankBreaker of magic items. It's an item that provides you great stats, a scaling passive and magic penetration to pierce the already little magic penetration your opponent has at the start!

1x Boomstick (Price: 2000 Gold)

There are builds which recommend getting Boomstick early, but this item doesn't really scale well without AP. The passive additional damage doesn't deal as much without AP.

Let me just say how much I detest when people build Boomstick so as their 1st item even before boots. It provides little burst especially if you aren't able to make full use of the passive's low cooldown. The passive additional damage doesn't deal as much without AP.

So why are we getting Boomstick on Preyta as our 2nd core item? Shouldn't it be Zweihander? That's because for Preyta to provide the highest amount of burst damage from Plague Scepter he needs flat AP. There is no better item for flat AP besides Boomstick than Hecate's Diadem which you already have and Holy of Holies which just doesn't make economical sense to build if you want to provide mid game presence with Preyta.

Luxury Items
1x Zweihander (Price: 1970 Gold)

The best damn item for a mage that benefits from punching in auto attacks. It provides above average AP to most magic items, provides a real destructive kick to Preyta's auto attack making him hit like a truck with his ulti on and move speed which puts him at near max move speed achievable.

Why not this as a 2nd core item? Simply because Preyta's ulti doesn't last forever and his main source of damage still comes from his Plague Scepter (First Skill).

1x Rhea's Blessing (Price: 2220 Gold)

This item provides Preyta with a shield that absorbs some damage for him, provides himwith 25% lifesteal, 10% CDR and a decent chunk of AP.

Preyta doesn't really benefits from the lifesteal as much as other heroes do. But there are no items in the game other than Rhea's Blessing that provides Preyta with an extension of his life bar and yet providing him with AP to constantly pile up his damage.

1x Ancestral Glory (Price: 2240 Gold)

Get this at any point in time after your core items, especially when some scumbag on the other end of another phone keeps camping and targeting you. You will be every assassin's number 1 priority target, so this item is a saving grace every 3 mins for your positional errors.

Skill Build

Quick Guide:
Max Disciple of the Plague first
Max Plague Scepter second
Max Poison Gas Bomb last

Skills Tips
Charge Plague Scepter in the bush to prevent detection from your opp.

Upon using Disciple of the Plague, it empowers both your Plague Scepter and Poison Gas Bomb. You can channel your Plague Scepter while moving around and it provides your Poison Gas Bomb with a stun on top of the knock back and slow.

A good 1v1 skill combo with Preyta would be using your Poison Gas Bomb to knock your opponent back and slowing him/her down. Follow it up with your ulti and selecting a direction for your plague scepter, predicting where your opponent might try to evade to. By the time that is all done, your opp will have been waived of the slow from the original Poison Gas Bomb, use your empowered Poison Gas Bomb and knock him/her back into the path of your on coming Plague Scepter. Through out this time, use your auto attack while your ulti is activated to maximise dps.

Arcana Choices

Very standard arcana choices for Preyta. Magic attack for scaling and Magic pierce to counter whatever magic resist your opponent has. You can change Flurry for Focus should you prefer cooldown reduction instead.

The attack speed is to maximize your damage output when your ulti is activated and when you purchase zweihander.

The End
Here are some images to substantiate my familiarity with Preyta.

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