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Jul 31, 2018
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Item explanations for Konicheebye Build

1. Phoenix Tear - Cost effective item for 60 AP and Recovery Passive
2. Herme's Select - You need to be roaming to snowball and extra movement speed to position better.
3. Boomstick / Hecate's Diadem - Boomstick early provides you with additional poke every 5 secs.
4. Hecate's Diadem / Boomstick - Hecate's Diadem provides more consistent damage throughout due to Magic Penetration, so it's better on your full combo.
5. Rhea's Blessing - AP, Lifesteal (25% + 16% Arcana) & a shield. Value town.
6. Holy of Holies - Rockets your AP and provides you with health to tank any damage that ricochets onto you while pulling your combo.
7. Ancestral Glory / Staff of Nuul - You should never reach this point, if you do, you got a lot more Raz-ing to do.

*DISCLAIMER* These are my preference in Arcana choices. If you prefer defensive Arcana then go ahead and use them.

1. Violate - AP & Magic Pen for more damage.
2. Sap - Lifesteal comes in handy to recover health lost. Totals to 41% with Rhea's Blessing. You can opt for Benevolence.
3. Flurry - The attack speed can help with your auto attacks to proc the knockback punch on every 3rd hit but this is negligible. What's important is the Magic Penetration provided, whopping 64, jesus.

Thank you for viewing my Raz Guide! It's a crash course for people who want to pick up Raz and tinker around with him. Do check out my comprehensive guide in the future for a better explanation. In the meantime, feel free to contact me and clear any doubts that you would have!

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