AoV Yorn Crash Course


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Jul 31, 2018
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There are 2 builds given, each with a different intention in mind. Pick at your own discretion.

Tip: Always auto attack after using a skill to make full use of Yorn's passive.
Tip: Remember not to cancel your auto attack too early when you are using Yorn's passive.
Tip: Time your ulti to snipe jungle buffs if you catch wind of your opponent jungle doing it.
Tip: You can use your 2nd skill in the direction that you are retreating to provide cover-fire instead of just shooting it forward.
Tip: Use your passive to damage towers from a safe distance.

*DISCLAIMER* These are my preference in Arcana choices. If you think that there are better Arcana choices, please share it with us!

1. Atrocity - Critical Strike applies to your passive, hence building Crit is very beneficial.
2. Guerilla / Reave - You could use an even split of Lifesteal, Movement Speed & Attack Speed.
3. Skewer - Your skills benefit from the Armor pierce making them hit harder especially useful with your ulti!

Thank you for viewing my Yorn Guide! It something I would use and it's completely up to you if you agree with my choices.

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