Apex Legends adds Duos, Kings Canyon alongside it's new event "The Old Ways" PC 

Guild of Guardians
Apex Legends is one of the breakout games that Respawn Entertainment has developed in the past year. Without proper PR and discrete information within their partners in the business, they released a game that took the gaming world by storm. An innovative battle royale that focuses on team work, coordination and fluidity of movement, it is no wonder that it is still popular today among the other battle royale games out there. And they are putting more content with the upcoming event!

The Old Ways Lore Event will run on April 7 until 21. This event will feature Bloodhound's origins and story just like in the lore. But this time, he decides to pit man versus beast! Your team err partner since this will be done by DUOS. Gone are the days that you will have a dysfunctional third member of the squad. Because you can choose if you want to participate in Squads or Duos in the game even after this event ends. There is still no other news regarding solos though, but like people say, never say never.

Other than duos becoming a thing in the game. There is also a map that is returning that is missed by the pioneers of the Apex Legends players. Kings Canyon! Kings Canyon is the first map of the game before World's Edge was made. Veterans of the game would be pleased that it will come back this event.

Much to the ire of the past events, they have changed their ways of putting you in the mercy of RNG, they will be also including Direct Purchase Shops. Are you interested in a certain character or weapon skin? Rather than roll in a lootbox, just buy them directly, here are the skins that will be purchasable in the coming dates.

Man vs Beast, it's always like that in the wilds. Will your duo stand amongst them as the Apex Predator, will they win or will another group of hunters take you down for some shiny loot? Test your mettle in the Old Ways event coming soon in Apex Legends!