Apex Legends Mobile Loba’s Abilities has been leaked

Since the release of Apex Legends Mobile, it has been gaining popularity with mobile gamers because of its exciting features and graphics. But not only that, it continues to surprise its players with new updates and characters with unique abilities. An example of that is the upcoming legend named Loba whose abilities and appearance were leaked through a tweet.

apex legends mobile.jpg

Loba specializes in acquiring a loot that has the highest quality. As featured in the video, she can teleport from one place to another. This is her tactical ability called Burglar’s best friend, which allows her to teleport by throwing her bracelet. Wherever the bracelet lands, Loba will teleport there.

Her second skill, which is a passive ability called Eye for Quality, lets her acquire purple and gold–tier loot through walls. Her ultimate ability is called Black Market Boutique which allows her to teleport ammunition and two more items to other players. Loba is classed as a support legend.

As of the moment, there aren’t official announcement about Loba’s release in the game but according to sources, there’s a high possibility that she’ll arrive in the Battle Pass Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile.