Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launch Planned this Year

We've seen PC games such as League of Legends port their way into the mobile gaming industry. But nobody expected that Apex Legends, a high mechanical shooting game, will also make its way into our handheld devices. Respawn Entertainment and EA made the month of June full of hype for Apex Legends players.

They first announced that Apex Legends will be making its way to Steam and the hybrid console, Nintendo Switch, with the promise of crossplay between different platforms. All of these are coming this fall season of 2020.

But, the hype didn't end there. Before the month of June ends, Andrew Wilson (EA CEO), confirmed that they're planning to soft launch Apex Legends for mobile this year with no specific time given.

Ever since it was released last February of 2019, EA was already considering to make its mobile version. Although it wasn't confirmed whether the mobile version will be included in cross platform play, it's still exciting enough to imagine playing Apex Legends in android or iOS. Right now, everyone can still enjoy the game for free from Origin store, and soon in Steam.

It is still popular even among streamers. With its regular updates, new and upcoming legends, this game is still fresh even until today.