Apex Legends Mobile will be released on May 17th

Bringing Respawn Entertainment's wildly popular shooter to a variety of new platforms. This will be an extremely exciting idea for some gamers, who will likely want to start playing matches on their mobile devices as soon as possible. This article offers a list of Apex Legends Mobile global release times, so you'll know exactly when you can do it.


This launch calendar indicates that Apex Legends Mobile will not have a single global launch date. Indeed, it appears that players in places such as London and Tokyo will be able to play the game before those in Los Angeles. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the game will "propagate on servers before that time" in some countries, allowing some gamers to begin playing ahead of schedule.

While Apex Legends Mobile's staggered rollout complicates things a little, it is probable that the game will launch simultaneously across the United States. This would entail a 5 a.m. EDT launch for East Coast gamers and a 4 a.m. CDT launch for the rest of the country. Based on the London launch time, it appears plausible to expect Europeans in countries like France and Germany to be able to play at 6 a.m. CEST, albeit the official graphic does not confirm this.

While waiting for these launch dates, users can pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile on the game's official website. There have been over 15 million pre-registrations as of this writing, which have unlocked a slew of benefits for the community. A banner frame, banner posture, and epic skin are among the incentives, and hero shooter enthusiasts will be able to claim them soon.


Players should also clear some space on their mobile devices so that they can download Apex Legends Mobile as soon as it becomes available. The installation requires 4GB of space, according to the instructions. While this isn't a huge lot of space, mobile video game fans may need to tidy up a bit before May 17.

Apex Legends is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with Apex Legends Mobile coming out on May 17.