Apex Legends Mobile will be shutting down on May 1st, 2023

Apex Legends Mobile was one of the mobile games that was being looked forward to by players before it was officially released. But even before it reaches its first anniversary, the game is announced to be shutting down. The reason behind this decision by Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts was because the content that they view for Apex Legends Mobile “has begun to fall short of that bar for quality, quantity, and cadence”.

apex legends mobile.jpg

The game has started its process of shutting down. Starting on January 1st was what the developer called a ninety day window. They have already disabled all real money in app purchases in the game and they have also removed the game from webstores. During the 90 days, players can still play the full game and spend their existing Syndicate Gold, however, at exactly 4 PM PDT on May 1st, 2023, the game will cease its operations in all regions it has launched into and will no longer be playable.

The developers expressed their disappointment and said that they are still proud of the game they launched. They expressed their gratitude towards the Apex Legends Mobile community, who hyped the game during its development process. However, since the updates of the game have not been up to par to their vision, they decided to shut down the game and are “confident that this is the right decision for players”.

In addition to the announcement, Apex Legends Mobile will not be providing refunds for real money purchases. This is due to the terms of the EA User Agreement. But for those who purchased game content through a third party platform, like Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you can contact them. The developers also informed that the game shutting down is platform-specific and will not affect the game that is still available on PC and consoles.

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