Apex Legends reveals new legend from the Philippines called Conduit

Apex Legends has revealed its latest addition to its roster of playable characters. Named Conduit, this character has been leaked numerous times but no one knew when her debut was until her official announcement two days ago. A new Stories from the Outlands video has been released by Respawn Entertainment that highlights Conduit’s backstory.


Conduit’s backstory video features her childhood during the Frontier War. It was the Monarch Titan that was piloted by a fellow Filipino that saved her and her home by self-detonating to take out the enemies, however, it radiated the area. As Conduit grew up, she and her family became avid fans of the Apex Games. They watch the matches and even stage mock battles at home. Unfortunately, her sister got injured at work that resulted in the family having financial troubles.


To give back to her sister’s hardwork and sacrifice, Conduit decided to go back to the radiation site to touch the unstable Titan battery which allowed her to gain extraordinary powers but it made her health unstable. She now uses her powers to participate in the Apex Games to provide for her family.

As of the moment, Conduit’s abilities have not been officially revealed but there are leaks that have disclosed her kit:
  • Tactical: Arc Flash: Deals damage to Conduit’s shields to give targeted allies an overshield.
  • Passive: Capacitance: Conduit’s base health is 50 health and 50 shield, instead of 100 health. Conduit gradually regenerates the shield over time.
  • Ultimate: Short Circuit: Conduit channels their shields into a giant arc ball that flies across the battlefield, stealing shields from enemies.
As some of the information written here came from leaks, it is best to take it with a grain of salt and wait for the official announcement from the developers. Stay tuned for further announcements!