Apex Legends: Revenant Champion Overview PC 

The champion that came to the Outlands for a vengeance, he thought it was over because it's been a long time since his masters betrayed him and made him the killing machine today, but with Hammond Robotics back at it, he is ready to finish them all. Welcome to the Revenant Champion Overview.

Revenant is the newest champion in Apex Legends for Season 2, with a knack of killing for money and revenge, he is an offensive type of champion that could deal with deadly damage for those who are not prepared to meet him in the arena. He packs a kit for assassinations and ambushes which benefits those with the same play style. If you are feeling the hunt with Revenant, he is the champion for you. We will be talking about the skills of Revenant and how should he be played.

Passive Skill: Stalker

His passive skills really improve Revenant's stalking! This ability will make Revenant movement speed while crouching feel like normal walking. This way, he can still move quicker while being in cover. Ambushing enemies faster and changing locations quicker! Stalker also improves his climbing rate twice the speed of other champions, he can climb short walls 25% faster. This being in mind, you can escape and chase enemies faster.

Tactical Skill: Silence

This is Revenant's throwable. But instead of a bomb or a flashbang, this will act as a silencing skill, as the skill name says. Once thrown, Revenant's device will emit a cloud that will disable enemy's skills from activating in 10 seconds. This has a cooldown of 25 seconds. If you get hit directly by this item, it will deal directly 10 damage, plus if you're in the cloud it will also deal another 10 damage. This item is more of a strategic weapon than offensive. If you plan to escape or capitalize on the enemy's panic, throwing this will help you finish them quicker by disabling their abilities, making them easier to kill.

Ultimate Skill: Death Totem

Get ready to run and stalk your enemies away with the Death Totem, this ultimate ability will let you go ham against an enemy without worrying a full death. You can place this within a second, and lasts until 30 seconds with a base health of 100 HP. This can make both you and your teammates, together with the enemies that touch the totem become a shadow. While in Shadow form, you can't use healing items, your revives and respawns will be undone if the timer ends and if a shadow died it will not be fallen but returned to the totem with a single health point remaining.

It's worth to note that the Totem's duration depends on how long the final Shadow stays as one, once it has died or returned to the totem, it will also disappear. Hammerhead points won't work so don't worry about taking too much damage while in shadow form.


Revenant is built to create the ultimate assassin without fearing death as long as the totem is protected and hidden from enemies. If you know that, you can do a head start on what to do. If you plan to defend an area in the final rounds, you can place a death totem and scour enemies, make sure that they are unaware of your location and when you see a squad, you can throw the Silence Device to make sure their skills are unable to be used. Gun them down while making sure you stay at the Totem's radius. Avoid making the totem visible to the enemies as they can use it for them to become shadows themselves.

Revenant can be used as a scout as his movement speed in crouch and climb is faster than the others, he can scale walls and buildings quicker, making him useful to return to the high ground. His tactical ability is great for disarming enemies to deliver a quicker kill and the overall kit is amazing for a run-and-gun type of player. Champions like Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Bangalore and Wraith is good for offensive teams, while Wattson, Caustic and Lifeline are good for camping and defensive team compositions.


Whether it's to bring the pain or lure the enemies. Revenant is relevant for your needs! So embrace the metal, flesh is weak and wreak havoc in the Outlands. Be the Champion with Revenant!