Apex Legends Season 4 World's Edge Changes PC 

Despite having a lot of competitors, Apex Legends seems to be on the top of its game to fight off against their competitors. With a new ranked season on their way, Season 4 will provide a new change in World's Edge that will leave you wanting to play a new game in this battle royale.

We Require More Minerals...

Now you will have a new indicator of which is the center of the map, introducing this Season 4, the Hammond Robotics' Planet Harvester. This Harvester is collecting resources from the planet in some reason. It replaces the fuel depot in the former season. It is good to note that the Planet Harvester emits a beam that can be seen all thought out the island. Now you know your center.

Not so much of a Capitol Now

With the introduction of the Planet Harvester, it seems like the planet did not react well to its inclusion, causing volcanic eruptions everywhere and fissures appearing in all directions, which we now see the Capitol City in Half!

The only way you can cross the other side of the city will be either through zipline or that broken building serving as a bridge. This will be interesting as for sure this area would be filled by enemies that you would need to stave off if you want to live! No worries though, if you fall through the bridge or got pushed at the sides, you will be carried along by the pressurized air, however be ready to take 25 damage per fall, as it would naturally hurt!

Survey Complete!

To add more points of interest in the map, the developers have reworked an area between the Epicenter and Skyhook. This will now be called the "Survey Camp". Now that this will be added, expect new rotations coming in as the players strive to acquire better weapons and gear, alongside with a little more carnage. But get ready, there's another factor that more than meets the eye for those who found this area quite interesting...

Weapons Please!

The Survey Camp would house some weapons inside the station. These weapon racks would contain various guns that would pique the interest of players wanting a guaranteed weapons than wishing for the best in their selected drop locations. However, expect competition as fellow champions would visit the station to get the goods as well. For short, prepare for a fight nonetheless.


With these map changes, expect rotation to be a little bit different. Some might be interested in the weapons rack while others might expect good stuff in the planet harvester. Some may plan and camp at the Capitol City bridge which might cause battles to happen there frequently. Nevertheless, goodluck champions! Aim to be the Apex Predator in the new Season of Apex Legends, starting today, February 4, 2020!