Apex Legends Season 5 Fortune's Favor, Changes, New Legend Loba seeks revenge on Revenant PC 

The trailers of Apex Legends tends to be interesting for its stunning art style and interesting story lines. They have proven it time to time and now, they are back again with the release of Season 5's Trailer. Let's check out the video and see who Loba is and what transpired for her to become an Apex Legend among others as well.

The Sheep turned to Wolf

As you can seek, Loba Andrade is the little girl that we found in Season 4 where her parents got killed by Revenant, the simulacrum that hunted down bounties. She struggled growing up but did her best until one day, she attains her goal of vengeance against the death of her parents. Infiltrating a robotic factory that designs are similar to Revenant, she plans to destroy it in order to further her goals. However, her emotion took the best out of her that caused a security breach protocol which activates the robot, although succeeding, she barely survived. That, however caused the destruction of Skull Town above. Alerting the legends and subsequently, her nemesis, Revenant. It was an interesting trailer that showcased her skills and her connections with the game.

Loba has a translocation device that teleports things and herself across it. She's shown to have mastered its uses in the trailer and might impact the game with her quick movements and relocation that will causes a tough time for those who are planning to pin her down. As for interesting lines, a Revenant and a Loba team would definitely be interesting to listen to. But that would be cruel for both legends, and an awkward third legend hahaha. But let's get back to business, what changes would it bring to the game other than Loba.

Skull Town no more

Skull Town is one of the polarizing place in King's Canyon, it's usually a hot drop and loot here is top notch as it has great items and the battle here is always crazy. Some thrive, some die and some just try to fend off the enemies and live for another day. But it seems like in Season's 5 the rotation is about to change once more.

As we see from Loba's actions, Skull Town is destroyed now. The destruction it caused on the factory impacted the town as it is directly above it. What happens now? We don't know, but the rotation will definitely change. Some might shift directions and lead to other confrontations which will be a spice in the meta soon. Let's see who can adapt to the new changes.


With the release date soon to be upon us, May 12. Apex Legends Season 5 brings us another legend that will definitely have a flavor in both game and story-wise. Are you ready to play as Loba and hunt down Revenant, or are you just excited to use the translocation abilities teased in the trailer. Tell us that and how you plan to change the rotation with Skull Town gone, in the comments below!