Apex Legends Season 5's Quest Line reveals Season 6's new Map and Character PC 

Apex Legends has been expansive lately in their pursuit to be appease the player base with various things to have in their game. From new maps to explore, new legends to play and new events and missions to be enticed with. Today, we talk about a certain questline which makes players see what's in store for the upcoming season, Season 6.

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You need to find a treasure in order to unlock the hunt which then enables you to start and play a PvE mode in which you can unlock cosmetics and a questline to reveal what they have planned in the next season. In one of the missions called "Dust to Dust", players are given coordinates which brings you to Hammond Technology, once you reach the center, you will see Ash, the simulacrum you faced back in a previous "Into the Abyss" mission.

Put her head back to complete the mission and you can acquire a Flatline skin and an Ash bobblehead, but it seems like the rewards are not over as you get to take a peek at Octane and Lifeline communicating with each other, stating that they will go to a place called "Olympus". With this place mentioned, we have an idea what will happen in the next season.

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Olympus is found in Psamathe, it is the city where Loba's parents are killed by Revenant back in one of the prior trailers of the game and the hometown of Lifeline and Octane. It is still a mystery as to how this would go, but we have leads as to what will happen in the next season.

The map is seemingly going to be Olympus and Ash is going to be the next legend. Interestingly enough, that's not all. According from Tom Casiello, a writer in Apex Legends teased us that our soldier girl who loves to tell details of guns are next for lore development, Oscar Mike on Bangalore as we might get a lore development of her together with Ash as they spent time together in the IMC.

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The lore is expanding and the content keeps on giving, Respawn is truly making this game more than just a simple battle royale with lore and story that might leave you interested for more. While these are not proper announcement, things we learned today might be useful when they release the next season, but what are your takes here, tell us in the comments below!