Apple reveals the apps and games that won in the App Store Award 2023

During the App Store Award 2023, there are 14 apps and games in multiple categories that Apple has recognized. The winners were decided on by taking note of how they empowered creativity, provided meaningful experiences to players, and what contributions they have made to cultural change. To know what games and apps these are, continue reading.

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There are just about 40 finalists and nominees that Apple has to choose from. It was not just simple picking, the judges chose the apps and games that have shown exceptional technical innovation, user experience, and design. After careful consideration of what apps and games were deserving of the award, the App Store’s Editorial team has given out their final selections, which are the following:

iPhone Game of the Year
  • Winner: Honkai: Star Rail
  • Finalists: Afterplace and Vampire Survivors
iPad Game of the Year
  • Winner: Lost in Play
  • Finalists: Eggy Party and Pocket City 2
Mac Game of the Year
  • Winner: Lies of P
  • Finalists: ELEX II and Return to Monkey Island
Apple Arcade Game of the Year
  • Winner: Hello Kitty Island Adventure
  • Finalists: Cityscapes: Sim Builder and stitch.
Cultural Impact Winners
  • Winner: Finding Hannah, Pok Pok, Proloquo, Too Good To Go, and Unpacking
  • Finalists: balance — Menopause Support, Copilot: Track & Budget Money, Endling, How to Say Goodbye, and Rebel Girls
“It’s inspiring to see the ways developers continue to build incredible apps and games that are redefining the world around us. This year’s winners represent the limitless potential of developers to bring their visions to life, creating apps and games with remarkable ingenuity, exceptional quality, and purpose-driven missions,” Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO said in regards to this year’s awardees.