Araka, a new MMORPG is Launching on May 10

Appguru Technology, based in Singapore, recently announced the start of the pre-registration phase for Araka, a Free-to-Play mobile MMORPG. Recently, "Araka" announced their official launch on their official Facebook page. The game will be launching on May 10, 2022.


Araka is a mobile massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The project is built on the Unreal Engine, and with its help, players will be able to soar through the sky and engage in massive battles against bosses. If you dislike PvE, the developers provide cross-server PvP.

Araka has everything that rpg fans desire. This project's key feature is global multiplayer. The story takes place in an unusual fantasy world full of interesting events. This project is also inspired by genres such as mmorpgs, crafting games, and open world.


Agathos, the warriors appointed to defend the castle in the sky, a place named Vangundo. Before the chaos, creatures of the earth roamed freely and lived in peace. Yet, this peace was shorted lived as the jealousy of one pushed the earth towards destruction. Four Goddess' sacrificed themselves to protect the last piece of land and brought it to the skies. Your mission as an Agathos, is to defend Vangundo and bring the four Goddess' back to life. Are you up for it, Agathos?​


Each class has its own personal backstory, as well as unique skills and multiple combat setups for players to customize.

With his high defenses, the Paladin is committed to protecting the team by absorbing huge amount of damage and defend against enemies.

Angelic and divine, the mage is an impressive team support. She uses her spells to hold back enemies and buy time for her team.

Spearheading attacks for the team, the Berserker inflicts immense damage to the enemies with his greatsword.

Beautiful yet deadly, the Shadowdancer deals great damage within seconds.

Pre-register now at Araka's official website!