Arcane’s Second Season Confirmed to be in production!

Arcane’s first season has been wrapped up. But don’t be sad because a confirmation of an Arcane Season 2 that is currently in production has been announced.


A teaser has been released for the announcement of the development of Arcane’s season 2. In the teaser, voices of Caitlyn, Jinx, and Vi can be heard. With what has transpired in the first season, it appears that the second season would be the next chapter of the story from the first nine episodes.

Since the final episode of the first season was an abrupt cliffhanger it really is a welcomed news since the loose ends made in the Season 1 can be tied up in the upcoming second season.

Riot Games has yet to reveal the release date of Arcane’s second season but they promised that it would not take 6 years for them to release it. Furthermore, they have assured the fans that more details will be revealed at a later date.


While waiting for the second season, you can stream Arcane’s first season on Netflix. Enjoy!