Archbishop WoE PVP Setup by Raimi


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Nov 13, 2018
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My Archbishop Runes: by priority
1. Kyrie Rush - 3
2. Clearance Rune - 2
3. Decrease Agi - 1
4. Holy Booster Stun - 2
5. Two Way Teleport - 2
6. Slow Poison - 5
7. Lex Divina Word Style Rune - 3
8. Advance Mdef - 3
9. Advance Def - 3
10. Suffra Ode - 3
11. Vit Dex Runes
12. Deny - 3
--Get all hp, def, mdef and crit resist runes

My Archbishop Skills: by priority
1. Secrament - 3
2. Epiclesis - 5
3. Son's Radiance - 3
4. Comprehend - 5
5. Slow Poison - 3
6. Deny - 5
7. Exhort -10 (I'll be using Judex lvl 1 for debuff)

~Btw, my lex divina should be only lvl 3, I'm lazy to reset so I'll just fix it next time.

Base Stats:
INT - 0 (less damage for mana trap)
VIT - 119 (higher hp pool and def)
DEX - 80 (I'm using Angry Snarl. Goal: No cast Epiclesis. Adjust your dex. )
AGI vs LUK - the rest. (pick only 1. Luk gives crit resist and crit def. Agi for flee)

**Note: I put my remaining stats on Luk for crit def because but a few agi for flee doesn't really help when almost all players have high hit rate. I will have lower mdef for this build BUT I have the magic reduction to compensate for it.

Guild Blessing/Praying Cards:
Atk - M.Penetration (til lvl 20)
Def - Dmg Reduc>M.dmg Reduc>Neutral Dmg Reduc>MaxHP
Element - Fire Dmg Reduc>Wind Dmg Reduc

**Note: I should've prioritize my magic reduction because my dmg reduction is already high unlike my m.dmg reduc. lol.

This will also depend on your build and you should prioritize where you lack. If you have loe magic reduction, get it first.
For Def and Element, I'm going to stop at lvl 15 then focus on the next option

Guild Prayer:
I prioritized HP then balanced my def and mdef. If the enemy is using ignore def or mdef equips, having def and mdef would help a bit but not really. Having dmg reduction and mdmg reduction is better.


Epiclesis is key... but too pricey. Holy water is 1k in the item npc (you can get a discount if you use a blacksmith to buy it).

I don't want to sacrifice my hp and reduction for higher heals. Survivability is my main priority. So with resurrecting my allies while giving them heal too with use of Epiclesis. You can't use Coluceo heal on your dead allies and a dead priest will become somewhat useless.

YOU ARE THE LIFE OF YOUR TEAM, IF YOU DIE, THEY WOULD MOST PROBABLY DIE AS WELL. (WIPEOUT). Well unless they are too OP to tank all while killing all.

Besides, I lack of skill points and I need high int for decent heal. Mana traps might kill me faster when I get stucked or close confined by a Shadowchaser.

Btw, this will still depend on your role becausw you can still assign a priest in your guild that could focus on healing.

EQUIPS: Just check the video
-Higher refine the better
-Maximize the Enhancements for additional def and mdef
-Maximize reinforcement for addition HP (sewing reinforcement - Guild Sewing Machine)

PET: Teddybear for maxhp and Cruiser for PvP.
Personally, I prefer teddy because he's not that squishy unlike other pets. If the pet dies, their passive will not work. Besides, the dmg reduction passive of cruiser is only for physical dmg and not magic. MaxHp is for overall. Teddybear ftw But RYE is better in my opinion.

FOOD: 6stack of Prontera Royal Salad (Anti-fatal and cast delay)


I just want to share my Archbishop's survivability build for woe and pvp. Sadly, I couldn't record my Woe coz my phone might explode or something hahhaa. It's too laaaag.

To all my fellow priests or soon to be.. Hoping this could help. Feel free to ask me anything about this build and I'll do my best to answer it based on what I know.

For budget meal, you can use Survivor Set and not the Advanced Survivor Set. Harpy Card instead of Raydric Card because it's cheaper and their difference is 2% neutral damage reduction. Feather beret or midgard set for headgears. Any accessory with tenacity 3 or 4 is good. If you can't buy one, you can use 2 endurance necklace for the accessory for max hp%.

This is only based on my playstyle. It may or may not work for some players. You are not required to follow this. It's your choice. You should also try to experiment with your builds and discover other option.

PS: I have a different setup for my Judex, ME, and FS (PVE and Bosshunt) build. I also have a build for adoramus and battle melee type but my Ymir Slot is limited.


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Nov 13, 2018
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Thing You May or May Not Know Yet
1. Ruwach can not only reveal hidden enemies but also has a chance to stun them when you have the Holy Booster (passive skill). Thus, it's good to get the 2 Holy Booster-Stun Runes if you have this skill for additional % of stun chance.

2. Son's Radiance (passive skill) only applies to self. When someone resurrects you and you have this passive skill, you will be granted physical and magic immunity buff called "Invincible" for 5 seconds at level 3.

3. SP Auto attack Rune only applies to auto attack skill (physical - normal hit). Auto attack skill can be found in the adventure skills tab. This rune is only applicable for MELEE NORMAL ATK.

4. You can use warp to resurrect your partymates. Just /memo in place and use warp near their body. The resurrected player using this method will still have exp loss unlike the normal resurrection skill where there is no exp penalty.

5. Coluceo Heal: Field-heals all; Woe-heals party and guildmates; PVP Arena and MVP Battle-heals partymates.

6. Two-way portal is a very useful skill for WOE. It can shorten your way from the safezone to the other side. It can make you pass through some walls just to get you to the other side faster. Just search it in youtube on how to do it or the good spots for the two way teleport.

7. If you casted Faith Pray by mistake, you can cancel it by re-equipping your weapon (Remove weapon thdn equip it again). Re-equipping your weapon will cancel skills with long casting and channeling. This is often used in Oracle when the Sandstorm effect is activated and all your skills with casting (even Kyrie and Resu level 3) will have a very long cast time. This also works if someone casted Lex Divina with Wordstyle Rune on you. But take note that it's bug sometimes and will NOT work even if you re-equip your weapon.

8. Unlike the classic RO, Asura can be countered by Light Shield and not Safetywall in our current patch (ROM SEA). It was updated (back to Safetywall as a counter) in CN Server around the month January 2019. (source: Abvie Vincent Palacios)

9. You can debuff the reflect of the mobs in oracle by using stone curse to them. (source: Abvie Vincent Palacios)

10. Level 20 Turn Undead increases Magnus Exorcismus skill multiplier by 100%. (source: Melvin Mapua)

11. Suffragium Ode Runes shortens "Skill CD" and not the cast time nor casting delay. Casting Delay can be shorten by eating foods for casting delay and learning the Comprehend Skill (passive skill in archbishop).

12. First Aid 2 and 3 increase your Heal Skill (both to self and others).

13. The shortcut to buy the maximum number of rare ingredients is to hold the + icon and pressing BUY. When you click the other items, it will automatically buy in its max number. You can cancel it by pressing the + or - icon.

14. Amount of heal increases for every increment of 10 of the sum of base INT + base level + bonus INT

base INT: 99
base lvl: 100
bonus INT: 73
total INT: 272

You'd need atleast 8(makes it a total of 280) more INT if you want to increase your heal. (source: seanpaulvincent lego)

15. Holy damage/Holy Atk also adds to the amount of healing you give. 1% Holy dmg/atk = 1% Heal. Matk does not affect Heal.

16. "Healing Increase" affects the heal you give while "Healing Received" only affects the heal you receive. That's why you need to get the Healing Increase enchant if you want to increase your heal. If you want test your BASE/LOWEST HEAL, you need to use it to your pet or cat mercenary.

17. Magnus only works on Undead - Element and Demon - Race. (Ex. it won't work on Injustice cause Injustice is Dark Element and Undead Race.) Aside from those conditions, you need the all Race ME Runes. (source: Reinhold Gomez)

18. You can still get the Gold Christmas Bell Blueprint even though you didn't finish the 4-day quest of santa. (source: Jeferson Sotto Aviñante)

Just do the Toy Factory 1 quest then after completing it, have your ALT talk with the NPCs in the middle just like what some did in GH hall for the Devilwing Blueprint. With this shortcut you don't need to do the Toy Factory 2 quest anymore. (source: Casey Daryl Tabuzo)

19. Exhort Skill is a passive skill from the Archbishop skill tree wherein whenever you use a holy dmg skill or even normal attack, your target's atk and matk will be reduced for only 5 seconds regardless of the skill level. At level 10, the reduction on their atk and matk will be 30%. Judex lvl 1 can now be used as a debuff because it is a holy dmg skill.

20. Clearance with Highly Effectice Clearance Rune can remove the reflect buff of Phreeoni, Maya and Kobold Leader. Bloody Knight's reflect can be moved but if he buffed the protection thingy (The yellow aura surrounding him), clearance will not work. This is why it's hard to debuff BK because he almost always have both buffs the same time. Whenever you see shield icon like the Kyrie buff eflect on their heads, it means they are on reflect mode. It doesn't work on Clock because he isn't using an active buff for reflecting but rather it's his passive skill.

21. Aspersio does not work on Demon and Undead Race Monsters unless their element is either Dark/Shadow or Undead. Race is different from element and aspersio is based on the target's element. Alternative counter for Undead Element Monsters is FIRE. Both Holy and Fire element deals x2 damage to undead element. Some prefer to use fire converter when bosshunting or in ET especially when dealing with Osiris and Darklord because if they die, they won't have to wait for aspersio. Converters does not disappear upon death unlike aspersio.

22. During WOE, you can use the flags/guild flag that you see in Payon (mid top), Prontera (near church), Geffen (mid) and Aldebaran (near the barbershop npc) to teleport you to the portal entrance of the agit. This is very useful when attacking aldebaran agits because the flags are near the savepoint. So instead of walking to the agit portal, using the flags will shorten the time to reach there.

23. Coluceo Heal is based on your Heal so increasing your Heal would also increase your Coluceo Heal. Lasting heal also applies to Coluceo Heal.

24. Blessing with breakthrough can remove stone curse status. In other words, Blessing lvl 11 to 15 can remove stone curse.

25. Archangeling's debuff (broken heart icon) will reduce your damage to 0. You can remove this by using First Aid.

26. Decrease agi (High Priest Skill) affects mini boss and mvps like Archangeling. Other debuffs like stonecurse, stun and freeze won't work.

27. Faith Pray is an channeling skill where when you use it on your target, he/she will not die and only leave until 1hp. This skill prevents your target from dying. This is also very helpful in killing MVPs with reflect skill. Just take note that it would be bug sometimes. When you casted it the exact time your target dies, you would won't be able to use other skills like resurrection for the duration of your faithpray. It's like you're still in faithpray mode even though in your screen, you are spamming other skills. That's why you need to cancel it by using the technique in #7.

to be updated...

PS: If you have other tips and tricks that were not posted here, you may comment it so I could add it in the compilation. Excuse my english. No to bug info please. And if you think some info are incorrect, just tell me so I could recheck it.

PPS: All the items without the "source" is only based on what I know. I also based it on some of my experiments/tests and experience. I mostle learned some of the info from research and stuff from google, youtube, reddit and from the CN Players I know. Please correct me if some items are not working anymore.

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