ArcheAge 2 is being developed to focus more on PvE

Kakao Games has shifted their focus from the large-scale faction PvP to something more PvE-oriented for ArcheAge 2. Add to that, they are also eyeing Western audiences for the game which makes the release of ArcheAge 2 to be unlikely to happen in 2024.

archage 2.jpg

The above information was revealed after Kakao Games released its latest earnings report, which was shared by WCCF Tech. The company is looking towards Gamescom 2024 for the reveal of the game, meaning all the details about it will have to wait until next August. Aside from that, a closed beta is planned but they are looking to schedule it in the later part of 2024.

“ArcheAge 2 is a radical departure from its predecessor's large-scale PvP between factions, reflecting the Western market's familiarity with action-packed, single-player-based console games. Instead, single-player content was the primary focus for growth, with players enjoying the fun of strategically capturing strongholds through sophisticated non-targeting actions. Instead of a large-scale two side faction war, we’re looking at something smaller-scale, that they hope to keep feeling like a part of ArcheAge but also something else too. The game also features a campaign mode that combines the conflicts and battles between guilds that trade and those that seek to sabotage and plunder, as well as the conflicts and changes in the major factions and characters from the original story, into a complete scenario.”

The company confirms that the upcoming ArchAge will be much different from its predecessor but they will work hard to make the players feel that both games are still tied despite the difference.

At the end of this month, ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained will merge into one single game. This will allow the players to get immersed into what they were used to, which is a simple large-scale faction war.

ArcheAge 2 is being developed for PC and console. Details about the game are still scarce, so we will have to wait for official announcements from the developers. Stay tuned for more details!