ArcheAge First Major Update is Live

‘In addition to ‘Red Dragon’s Keep’ & ‘Golden Plains Battle’, new HIRAM area will now be live’ XLGAMES released ‘Red Dragon's Keep’ and 'Golden Plains Battle, the first large-scale content update for ArcheAge on August 6, to be followed by a new HIRAM update scheduled on August 20. XLGAMES HQ in Korea has been publishing the game directly to the Southeast Asian audience in three languages - English, Thai and Bahasa Indonesian - with servers Kyprosa and Orchidna open since official launch on June 11.


Red Dragon’s Keep is a huge new raid instance which supports up to 50 players regardless of faction. Players as a team are able to engage in battle against the legendary Red Dragon, a mighty creature that dominates both land and air. Players who survive and win the battle against this monstrous creature will be rewarded with the iconic Dragon Slayer Glider.

The much-awaited Golden Plains Battle is a new RvR content XLGAMES is proud to present where elite heroes of Western and Eastern factions are tasked to destroy opponent’s fortress while defending its own. The third faction, Pirates, will appear and give the battle a twist, making the outcome of the battle unpredictable.

The new HIRAM update on August 20 is packed with various content including higher-tier gear, new instance dungeons and arenas.

The Western Hiram Mountains, a new area for adventurers to explore, will now be opened. The region provides players with new Race quests alongside Awakening materials that will upgrade players’ gear from current Radiant Hiram Guardian to Brilliant. Disciple’s Equipment may also be acquired in the Abyssal Library, a new instanced dungeon where adventurers will be able to awaken their Mistsong Equipment to the new Disciple’s Equipment.

The updates come with new and exciting events. Aria’s Concert and the Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf will now be available. Players can play a mini rhythm game and enjoy the show at Aria’s Concert, a highly-acclaimed event in Korean service. Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf, a seasonal event, will provide a Battle Royale experience as participants board clippers and fight to the last man standing.

Yongjin Ham, Producer of the ArcheAge commented in the Developer’s Message posted on the official website, “Even with given the geographical distance, we will do our best to listen to and communicate with SEA players to provide them a great game and service. We will continue to update the game and when the right time comes, we would like to arrange an offline gathering with SEA gamers and take time to ponder together on how to improve the game service further.”

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