Area F2 Brings First Close Quarter Battle Game In Mobile Arena

There is a great number of games nowadays that puts you in the shoes of military-like characters in high-octane mission. Some go for variations by adding sci-fi-like elements (laser guns and high-tech equipments) or sometimes go for plain yet realistic settings of true army men. Area F2, a newly launched shooting game by Qookka Games, gives you such kind of experience that will make you feel as if you're in a death-defying mission.

Area F2 pride itself is the first-ever FPS Close Quarter Battle mobile game (CQB) similar to the classic SWAT 4 gams that smoothly fuse real and game-like elements. In F2, a team of players will fight in a life-like virtual environment where they exchange their role as attacked and defender: defending a certain spot inside a building or infiltrating it throughs walls or roofs.

The game heavily requires strategy and tactics; not just your good old trigger happy fingers like other shooting games. For the most part of this game, you can almost feel that you're actually playing a simulation game for SWAT.

Besides real weaponry, players can also utilize drones to scout their environment for enemies and locating the target spot. Defending groups can retaliate by reinforcing every wall and roof that are possible entry points of their enemies (like what you always watch in police or SWAT films). You can select up to 20+ agents for you to play; each has unique skills and gadgets that you can capitalize to outwit your enemies. This includes drone jammers, poison bombs, sniper guns and there is also an armored riot police for you to go with.

There are a couple of exciting maps where you can go for a mission against
s players around the globe. Expect a relentless combat shooting game in F2 since you will never know when and where your opponent might strike: from the ceiling, from the next corridor, or even straight in the window.

You can download Area F2 now at Google Play and up until May 31, you can freely use all agents for 7 days. Be an elite combat man and ready your crosshairs for Area F2!