Area of Attack: Background, Heroes, Skills, Equipments and More

With unparalleled scenes and spectacular effects, Area of Attack is a MMORPG based on blockchain technology. The dynamic battle experience that the game offers will bring better enjoyment to the players. You can either play this solo or invite friends to form a team together. When you play Area of Attack for the first time, you’ll be given heroes for free but remember that those heroes are not for sale.


Area of Attack Background:

Hundreds of years ago, a huge meteorite suddenly landed on the ancient mainland, the
land was broken into dozens of islands floating on the ocean, the peaceful life of human beings was broken from then on.

Mysterious meteorites brought huge strength, mutated monsters and secret areas appeared on each continent, monsters attacked wild animals at the beginning, everything seems to go toward worse later, and humanity faces an unprecedented threat…

However, humans also got unique abilities from meteorites, and began to form force and magic. Humans became stronger gradually and united each continent to establish an alliance of defense. Heroes of the alliance are usually responsible for guarding home, but also some heroes need to explore the secret area, exterminate those monsters that threaten human beings, in order to obtain rich rewards.

A mysterious adventure is about to begin. Are you ready?

There are 3 classes of heroes that players can choose from, which are warrior, mage, and knight. These heroes are equipped with their own unique skills and equipment. Their battle power can be improved by equipment compound. Challenge other players or defeat high level bosses to get rewards.



Warrior is the physical output of a team. They are strong but simple-minded. Savage and violent is the best way to describe a warrior. They would rather fight than argue. They must kill the target even if they will be wounded.



Mage has the ability to communicate with natural elements and can summon the power of ice and fire to fight enemies with extreme power. They are powerful and beautiful, and fight bravely to protect the alliance.



Knights are a group of tough and hard working people, through hard training to acquire superb martial skills and defensive strength, they usually serve as tanks in a team. They will keep going forward and fight to the last.


As each hero has their own unique set of skills, players must choose a proper skill before starting a battle, this will increase their chances of winning. The following are a set of skills for each heroes:

Skills of Warrior
  • Cruel Strike: The warrior swings weapon to strike the target, cause certain damage
  • Brutal Charge: The warrior charges to the target, cause certain damage and stunning target
  • Instant Slash: The warrior slashes the enemy with weapon, cause certain damage and repel the target
  • Blades of Fury: The warrior slashes at the target cause certain damage and reduces physical defense
  • Rage Anger: The Warrior condenses rage anger, increase critical power and critical damage
  • Rage Whirlwind: The warrior spins himself and uses a weapon to attack the target, cause damage, immune to deceleration and immobilize effect.
Skills of Mage
  • Fireball Strike: The mage condenses fire magic to cast fireball, causing magic damage to target.
  • Flame Blast: The mage releases power of flame in the target area, makes the ground become a burning area and causes damage to the target in this area.
  • Spacetime Travel: The mage grasps the spacetime realm to move instant and increase self damage.
  • Ice Dragon Break: The mage condenses the breath power of the ice dragon, causing damage to a group target in the fan-shape area ahead, and confusing the target.
  • Huge Fireball: The mage condenses flame magic to gather a huge fireball, causing vast magic damage and certain additional damage to the target.
  • Ice Shield: The mage condenses ice into an ice shield and absorbs damage.
  • Freezing Field: The mage condenses freezing ice and snow in the target area, causing damage to the target and surrounding groups, which slows them down.
Skills of Knight
  • Holy-light Strike: Cause damage to a single enemy.
  • Priority Strike: The knight throws shields at the target, causing physical damage.
  • Shield Strike: The knight strikes the target with a shield fiercely, causing damage to the target and with a lot of hostility.
  • Power Sweep: The knight sweeps weapons to surrounding targets, causes damage, and repels the target.
  • Thunder Chain: The knight condenses power of thunder to throw out a hammer of thunder to the target, cause damage and drags the target to his front.
  • Thunder Blessing: The knight injects power of thunder into shield, causing vast damage to nearby targets, and reducing the chance of being critically hit.
  • Power Thunder: The knight injects power of thunder into a weapon to blow the locked target, causing damage to target and nearby groups.

Before rushing into battle, players should arm their heroes with equipment to improve their battle power. Note that each kind of equipment is in a NFT format. To get NFT equipment, players can get a mystery box in the daily PVE(Reward Task). Normal equipment can be compound for a higher level equipment or you can buy equipment in the market. Equipments are divided into three categories and these are:
  • Weapon - Weapon is the player's necessary equipment, wearing weapons and NFT equipment can greatly improve their battle power.
  • Equipment - Equipment can supply the hero a full range of attribute bonuses, enhancing the hero's battle power. At present, the equipment is divided into 8 types, including: helmet, pauldron, cuirass, leg guard, boots, necklace, ring, and accessories.
  • Heal Baby - Players that equip the heal baby will receive a continuous health regeneration BUFF, which will regenerate health throughout the battle and improve the hero's viability.
To get started in the game, you’ll have to purchase the base version of NFT equipment, because if not, your heroes’ battle power will be weak and will instantly lose in the PVE battles. The NFT equipment is divided into types, levels, and rarity. Transferring, gifting, and selling NFT equipment can be done in the market. Once an NFT equipment is compounded, the original equipment will be destroyed so that NFT flooding will be prevented.
  • Mystery Box Sales - We offer a limited amount of mystery boxes for sale at the beginning of the project, and each player will get the game props at a discounted price.
  • Play to Earn - Players complete daily tasks in the game and receive mystery box rewards. Opening the mystery box will earn NFT equipment.
  • Market - NFT earned in the game can be traded on the official market.
  • Equipment Compound - Players can make higher level NFT equipment by compounding.
Numerous players enjoy P2E as it is a very innovative mode that allows players to enjoy the game while still earning generous rewards. But when players start to exchange their rewards, it seems that a process of collapse begins as well in the game. Continued extraction and selling makes other players panic, which will result in the game dying in a few days. This will make all players suffer a huge loss. To prevent this, Area Of Attack has a healthy economy and features a unique game model that can keep projects alive for a long time.

Following is the AOA project’s mechanics of economy model:
  1. Area of Attack is an NFT earned encryption game, where players directly receive AOA, AGG and NFT equipment rewards. All assets have a process of production and consumption, creating a good internal economic circulation.
  2. It has a dual token system built by AOA and AGG to ensure the sustainability and scalability of the ecosystem.
  3. Tokens earned in the game and daily PVE tasks (instance, boss) of NFT rewards require a certain amount of tokens as tickets, and the consumed tokens will be destroyed directly.
  4. The NFT acquired by the player in the reward task will be a very important asset, which can be traded and transferred in the market.
  5. To obtain higher level equipment requires the compound of multiple ordinary NFT. In order to maintain the balance of the NFT economy, the original NFT will be destroyed each time the new NFT is generated.
  6. Certain amounts of AGG tokens are also required when compounding at a high level. equipment. Consumed AGG tokens will be destroyed and part of consumed AOA tokens will be returned to the prize pool.
  7. We will use 29% AOA tokens as pledge reward to motivate AOA long-term holders, which will give confidence to more players.
  8. NFT transactions in game will also result in token destruction.
  9. PVP mode in game will produce plenty of tokens, which will increase with the prize pool grows.
  10. Teams conduct governance and guidance in the early stage, and in the later stage, governance will be distributed to each community. All players will vote to determine the distribution of rewards and the development direction of the game.