Arena Breakout: Infinite is a multiplayer first-person shooter game that will be launching in PC via Steam

Guild of Guardians
The subsidiary company of Tencent Games, MoreFun Studios, has announced a new multiplayer first-person shooter game based on the “ultra-real immersive military simulation franchise” titled Arena Breakout: Infinite.

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The game is set to be released for PC with a closed beta test already announced to be taking place through Steam this coming May. Currently, interested players can still sign-up for the game if they want to participate in its upcoming CBT. Sign up now through the game’s official website.

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Arena Breakout: Infinite is based on the award-winning ultra-real immersive military simulation franchise. With unparalleled firearm customization and warfare realism, Arena Breakout: Infinite will deliver the most visually stunning and immersive first-person shooter experience that isn’t in a perpetual alpha state. Put boots down in a new high stakes arena for free—no strings attached.

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In Arena Breakout: Infinite, enter the Dark Zone and become the deadliest soldier of fortune known to man. As a highly skilled military operative, journey into the war-torn Kamona region where high stakes equal high rewards. Pull the trigger, take cover, and move ahead. Break into combat arenas to extract high-value items and strike it rich… but be prepared to fight for survival.

Key Features

UNCOMPROMISED IMMERSION – Breach the Dark Zone for an ultra-immersive experience. Dive into a world with exceptional detail, from real-time lighting to 360 spatial sound effects that bring every pull of the trigger to life.

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MILITARY SIMULATION – Choose your gear and pick your fights. As long as you survive, each raid is a victory. Load up with everything you need or stay light on your feet. The choice is yours.

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TACTICAL EXTRACTION – Arena Breakout: Infinite pushes the limits of strategic warfare and tactical firefights. Load up and check your gear twice - every bullet counts in the Dark Zone. Success ensures not only survival but also substantial gains, marking true valor in the arena.

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ULTIMATE GUNSMITHING – Modify your firearm of choice with the ultimate gunsmithing system. Mix and match over 500 attachments on over 30 gun slots to create the ultimate weapon.

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LONG-TERM COMMUNITY SUPPORT– In this high-stakes experience, fair competitive play will always be encouraged and vigilantly enforced. Anti-cheat measures, data tracking, game reports and more were made with the player in mind. Arena Breakout: Infinite represents an all-in commitment to launching the first viable tactical first-person shooter on Steam that’s accessible, content-complete and free of issues like cheating, bugs, poor servers and more that longtime fans of the tactical-shooting genre have sadly grown accustomed to.