Arena of Valor and Sword Art Online Will Have An Official Collaboration This June

Arena of Valor (AOV) which is one of the most enduring mobile MOBA today has already announced on their Taiwan FB page that on June 26, they will be launching an official crossover with the immensely popular anime Sword Art Online as part of the release of their new heroes, Allain/Dragonfly.

Back in 2019, the SAO x AOV rumor starts to circulate which made the fans get excited after seeing some teasers where the picture of SAO's MC Kirito, the Black Swordsman, appears together with other AOV heroes. However, the anticipated collaboration didn't materialize which leave a quiet few backlashes from the Garena community.

Yet last June 6, a teaser poster was once more unveiled. In the said visuals, the hero Allain poses similar to how Kirito was depicted with his dual blades. There are also some video leaks that showcase Kirito and Asuna's skills in the game. There is a general assumption that Kirito and Asuna will be a new skin for new heroes Allain and Butterfly as both have a striking common ground especially Allain to Kirito which are both dual blade wielders and Allain has a similar skill akin to Start Burst Stream. However, it is not confirmed whether it will be a skin or perhaps two different new heroes.

AOV is no stranger when it comes to adding characters in their game base from other IP. In their previous years, they become so hype in the MOBA community when DG icons like Superman, Batman, and The Joker become playable characters in the said game.

The said crossover seems to be only limited for Taiwan AOV players. However, we are hoping that once it garners good feedback, there might be a chance that it will also be launched here in the Philippines knowing that there is a massive SAO following in the country.

For other AOV news, their latest patch called Ligh Chaser which features their own version of Chess Auto-Battler namely Carano Chess is still ongoing as well as an improved Ranked Matchmaking, item, and hero balance made for esport competition and rework of their heroes' skins.