Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC) 2022: ONE Team Esports and V Gaming battle for the title at the Grand Finals on 10 July

The iconic Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC) 2022 will culminate this weekend with its Grand Finals on 10 July! AoV fans and players can anticipate a fierce showdown as ONE Team Esports (ONE) and V Gaming (VGM) battle for the championship title and a slice of the US$2,000,000 prize pool.


  • ONE from GCS and VGM from AOG will face off in the ultimate showdown of AIC 2022 on 10 July.
  • Exciting in-game events and rewards await AoV fans and players when they log in from now to 12 July.
  • Catch the AIC 2022 Grand Finals live on YouTube on 10 July at 17:00 GMT+8.
AIC 2022 Grand Finals matchup: ONE v VGM


Clinching a spot in the Grand Finals makes history for ONE, with it being the first time the team is advancing to the Finals. With new strategies and battle styles in play, AoV fans can stay tuned to the intense fight both teams will put up this Sunday.

Player Spotlight

With ONE WaWa's new collaborative routine, fans are likely to see yet another great assist from WaWa that has improved overall team dynamics and helped the team reach the Finals. Fans can also expect another stellar performance this Sunday from ONE Nk, who has won several MVP titles in previous tournaments.

The VGM team is also expected to put up a strong fight in the Finals with Maris and BirdLB as its top stars. BirdLB's foresight and decisiveness, coupled with Maris' ability to deal damage, have made them both tournament highlights this season, and they are expected to deliver even more on the 10th.


AIC 2022 Semi Finals recap

With stellar teamwork, four teams - ONE Team (ONE) and Bikertopia Esports (BRO) from GCS, V Gaming (VGM) from AOG, and Bacon Time (BAC) from RPL - reached the Semi Finals, which took place from 2 July to 3 July, after fierce competition in the Quarter Finals (23 June to 26 June).

The Semi Finals consisted of two brackets - the winner bracket (ONE v VGM) and the loser bracket (BRO v BAC). In the winner bracket, a flawless run of undefeated matches led ONE to become the first group in AIC 2022 to reach the Grand Final, beating VGM 4-1 in the winner bracket. The loser bracket saw plenty of action, with BRO defeating BAC despite trailing behind 1-3 in the first match. With this win, BRO advanced to the final round against VGM for a spot in the Grand Final. VGM eventually secured the second spot in the Grand Final after leading the first match and tying with BRO in the final round.


Be part of the AIC experience with exciting in-game events and rewards

AoV fans and players can join in the fun at the AIC 2022 Grand Finals with a series of special treats lined up. From now till 12 July, fans and viewers can participate in the "AIC Summer Camp" in-game events running during the weekend of the Grand Finals and get a slew of exclusive AIC 2022 gifts and rewards!


The AIC 2022 Grand Finals will be broadcast on YouTube on 10 July at 17:00 GMT+8. All livestreams will be accompanied by local commentary in 5 languages – English, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese.

While enjoying the action-packed viewing experience, spectators of AIC 2022 will also stand to receive additional milestone rewards with every new viewership milestone achieved while enjoying the action-packed viewing experience! Rewards will be redeemable through the in-game livestreaming feature, Valor TV.

More updates on the AIC 2022 will be announced in the following weeks. Stay tuned for all the latest AIC 2022 updates on AoV's Facebook and YouTube.

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