Argus Build and Guide


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Oct 9, 2018
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Do last hit creep as much as possible. If possible and you are simply farmed by the enemy, incar turret them without disturbing your farming process.

Hero Argus is a very suitable hero for solo in lane, besides argus get high exp, argus is also very good maintain lane.

The ultimate skill of Agus is the core of this hero. So, never try to open a war without having the ultimate skill.

Early Game
Argus is the weakest in the early game, so do not look to engage but rather farm up, taking the lanes and jungles when possible. Only start to fight after level 4, and Eternal Evil also allows you to tower dive to get kills, apart from not dying if timed properly.

Mid Game
You should be the first to initiate during teamfights, making the enemy team focus on you. However do be careful not to get CC-ed, so that Eternal Evil can be activated. Chasing heroes should be a piece of cake during this period and do not be afraid go in for the kill.

Late Game
Do not initiate teamfights without your ultimate. Even though you potentially can 1v5 at this point, but do remember that this is a team game and in high ranking games, the opponent will retreat when you activate Eternal Evil, rendering you vulnerable during the cooldown. A good positioned Argus can still deal damage and be useful with Demonic Grip and Meteoric Sword.

+Has 5 seconds immortality
+Good engage
+Can do 1v5 clash

-Too squashy when ultimate is down
-Less crowd control
-Can be kited hard