Arknights advances its story - Chapter 6 and other events!

With the end of Contingency Contract, our minds and hearts are crushed with various challenges that we have somehow overcome. Doctors of Rhodes Island can now rest for a while, not forever since another one will be up soon. But nevermind that for now, we have another chapter to cover. It also comes as an event-like way as well.

Take note that these happened around June 30 and it is ongoing today, at the time of writing this article until July 14 while some finish on the 21. So you definitely have time to rush them up and get some good things along the way.

Partial Necrosis is the name of the current event where for those who have finished Chapter 5 of the main story of Arknights are now able to play the latest chapter 6 in the game. As you explore more in the story, you will also, ofcourse gain Originite Prime by clearing the maps and getting new materials because those new mats, trust me you'll need them in the next operators that will about to show up.

Like the Free Melantha skin back then, we will be having another daily login that will give us tons of Sanity Pots, Limited Event Furniture, Materials such as Chip Catalysts and Cardigan's Free skin. if you ask me, Cardigan is looking super cute in her new skin. Give love to your 3 star operator who wishes a promotion by getting her free skin today! Remember, the event will last until 14 and you have 10 days of login to do so if you start late, you will still have the time to rush it up. So go get it!

If Chapter 6 is not up your alley, or you are done with it, don't fret, as like we always say, grinding never ends. Grind for your favorite operator's skill levels or maybe even mastery levels on their skills. Because if you do and grind for it, those grinds spots have the following items chance to drop: first, is the Emergency Sanity Sampler that will give you 10 Sanity or the Rhodes Island Supplies, which will give you various of items that may help you in your future or current grind. They have a rare and very rare chance to drop so again, it's the luck of the draw. Best of luck to those who will grind and hope to get these.

But the real luck comes from here. The new banner, "Enthusiasm, Expansion, Explosion!" is currently up featuring 3 units that may make or break your account. First, there's Ambriel which is the true definition of a sniper, can sniper very far but her attack speed is veeeeeery slow. Greythroat meanwhile competes with classic sniper units such as Exusiai, Blue Poison and the others, she may not be that stellar but she does the work done. And finally, the most anticipated operator in the banner, Blaze! Her power as a duelist type of Guard has been hyped around the community of Arknights that people are wanting to get her because of her potential in the future Contingency Contracts. I believe that she is very amazing but remember, she's permanently in the pool after this, so don't go salting much if you did not get her.

More skins are coming in this week too. Apparently, Christmas comes early for Arknights, well the skins are. Get the Icefield Messenger series with skins including from Schwarz, SilverAsh, Pramanix and FEater! Those skins are looking very chill and christmasy, plus look at that cutie Schwarz!

Finally, we always get some new furniture set to stylize our dormitories in the base. This time, we will have, Rhodes Island Workstation. This one is for those who wish to see a part of the dorm as a workstation for your operators. No rest for the wicked, as they say! If you like the stylish, white and professional design of the dorm, you should get it!

Well, it may be a dead week for some but this is just a reprieve after we had Code of Brawl and then Contingency Contract soooo close to each other, as for me, I really needed this break, how about the fellow doctors out there? Tell us your thoughts below!