Arknights Grani and the Knights Treasure Returns for a Rerun iOS Android 

There are times when you play the game and it was already too late to get welfare or a free character in an event. It all becomes more gloomy if the character that you missed is something that you are attracted to, personality-wise, waifu-wise, or just simple preference, really. Well, thank goodness there are reruns as this example, Grani's event!

Grani and the Knights.jpg

Arknights is almost near its anniversary and while the schedule is ended screwed up that we do not know which event comes and goes, we are going to be given a rerun event which can be a breather for those who have finished it the first time or a new event for those who came in late in the game (that would be me!), this event introduces Grani, a 5-star Vanguard Operator who is very cute and very likable in terms of personality. While her power is not on-par with the meta operators, getting her for collection is still worth it in my opinion.


The event, Grani and the Knight's Treasure will be running from November 26 to December 10, 2020, which means that is currently up right now! To play this event, you only need to play up to until Main Story 1-10 so basically, everyone who has not just started can play the event! In this event, you can obtain Grani once you have cleared GT-3 which is the third stage of the storyline. Additional Bounty Coins will be needed to buy more potential tokens for Grani, so if you love to max her, then just play the event more. Also, side note, Beehunter, Nightmare, Grani, and Skadi gains more trust in this event so if you like them, play them in this event.


The progress that you made back when it first released will be maintained at this event so you will not be getting extra Originite Prime, this might suck indeed but oh well, just get the materials that will have a better drop rate in this event. Also if you have bought some of the shop items back then, it will not be refilled but you will get a new currency called "Intelligence Certificate", these can be used in the Certificate Shop in the store.

Reruns can be fun or not depending on the demographics of the players. But one thing's for sure, I want to get Grani and her cuteness! How about you? Join the Arknights discussion now!