Arknights Half-Year Anniversary, Ancient Forge Event plus Huge Freebies!

It's that time of the year, well not quite, but a little bit since we always celebrate the anniversary of our favorite games, especially if they have some reward along the way. Well, today we will be talking about the half-anniversary of Arknights and the things that we are about to receive alongside it. It's a long one but with all the rewards you can get, it's worth it! Happy Half-Year Anniversary Arknights!

Arknights a.jpg

Ancient Forge Event
With the half-anniversary underway, a new event is included along its celebration. Ancient Forge will be the next event and some of the favorite characters such as Ch'en and the others might make an appeareance so if you like them, you might see them there and find the event interesting. It appears that there are more to the story as Nian will make an appearance as well.

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In this event, you need to collect "Quantum Firecrackers" which you will gain once you clear a stage. Once you clear a stage, you will eventually get enough to obtain the new Event Limited Operator "Snowsant" and other milestone rewards which may vary. This event reminds me of the Bison's event, Code of Brawl and whether I am right or wrong in my prediction of the similarity of the event may vary. I haven't played the CN version but that's my speculation. Originite Primes are there for the taking by completing the mission so go get it later!

Free 10x Headhunting Permit
This is it! This is one of the most anticipated rewards by players all over the global server, it's been memed about but now the memes are no longer dreams. Since this is a half-anniversary event, Yostar and Hypergryph is about to give us a 10x Headhunting Permit for us to either save for the future banners or roll ahead since Nian will be up (which we will talk about later. These babies are considered a gem because one of these is worth 6000 Orundums which is almost 5 weeks worth of Annihilation Farming so having to obtain this is definitely a treasure to have. Just make sure to log in and claim your free 10x HH Permit!

Arknights c.png

Half-Year Anniversary Sign-in Bonus
Bounty comes for those who are diligent and as long as you log-in you're getting more bonuses other than the 10x HH Permit as we have two more campaigns for just logging in. First, for a number of consecutive days to acquire Jessica's Clivia Costume for FREE, together with Red Envelopes that will contain Orundum, together with Originite Primes, Headhunting Permits, Chip Catalysts and more! It's a lot of rewards for free so make sure you play everyday!

Arknights d.png

But that's not all, you'll also get a log-in bonus for the event which contains various rewards such as Sanity Potions, Headhunting Permits and several upgrade materials for your operators, progression will definitely be faster with these mats so make sure to log in and obtain them!

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New Exclusive and Limited Banner
With all the Headhunting Permits and Orundums coming our way, you might be wondering where to spend them right now right? Well some of you might plan it out for Bagpipe, Ceobe or even W but there's a big banner coming in soon and it includes the first limited operator in the game, Nian!

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Nian will be joined by Aak and Hung in the Earthborn Metals banner which is open while the Ancient Forge banner is up. Being limited Nian will not be included in the Standard Headhunting Pool once the event is over however there are rumors that they might create another banner for her in the future. HOWEVER, if you plan to collect every single operator in the game then it is a no-brainer to just roll everything for this event. Be careful of your spending though. But goodluck fellow Doctors!

Half-Year Anniversary Special and Resource Pack
What's a half-anniversary without special packs that you can purchase? Even though Arknights is a free to play game, fellow Doctors can choose to support the game financially by purchasing one of these packs that will tremendously benefit both the player and the company by giving them your moolah.

Arknights g.png

The Half-Anniversary Special pack includes 51 Originite Prime, 1 10x HH Permit, 1000 Furniture Part and 1000 Orundum, perfect for those who need a OP boost and a 10 roll on the ready. But if you want to go the distance, the Half-Year Anniversary Resource Pack is a much more bang to the buck, with 90 OP, 1 10x HH Permit, 200000 LMD, 4 Chip Catalyst, 20 Strategic Battle Records, 50 Tactical Battle Records, 100 Frontline Battle Records, 20 Skill Summary Level 3 and 50 Skill Summary Level 2. The Resource Pack includes a lot of things for you to prepare in the progression of your operators, with CC#0 coming in the few months, these packs are for those who are charging in and getting ready while at the same time supporting the company with their game.

Arknights h.png

There's no shame in buying or not buying them, just make sure you know your limits while spending for the games you love.

Daily Access to Supply and Chip Nodes
Speaking of progression, the supply and chip nodes are open once more in the event duration, hasten the progression of your favorite operators as you won't wait any longer while all daily nodes are up for you to rush in either LMD, Red Vouchers for Chip Catalysts, EXP cards or even Carbon Packs for your base.

Arknights i.png

New Furniture Pack and Skins
New event, new furniture and skins, if you love the Chinese aesthetic of their Eatery and their traditional attire then these are for you. We both have furniture set and skins that are going to be available in this event.

Arknights j.png

For the furniture set, we have the Lungmen Eatery as the purchasable set. If you wish to have a Chinese Eatery setup in one of your Dormitories then it is obvious that this is the right pick for you. Create a restaurant that serves delicious Chinese cuisine in your Rhodes Island base.

Arknights k.png

Meanwhile, our precious operators get their own skin sets as well. Feast your eyes on Ch'en's "Ageless Afterglow" skin that definitely oozes sex appeal and stylish design, or be enamored in Swire's cuteness in her "Honor and Splendor" skin. Last but definitely not the least, give your Defender that gives you SP while deployed, Liskarm, her "Spring Vouivre" skin that shows her serene elegance and beauty. These skins are worth 15-18 depending on their overall design. The game will give you some OP by finishing the event or by clearing up unfinished stages, so you have time to get some and get their skins. Personally, I am aiming for the Ch'en one, it's a solid buy!

Incoming 3-4 star Recruitment Exchange Voucher
Finally, although we have no announcement yet when these will arrive. The game will soon have 3 star and 4 star Recruitment Exchange Voucher that you can redeem soon. If you are still missing some of the 3-4 star in the Recruitment part of the game then, worry not as you can get them with these vouchers.

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Aaaaand phew, that was a lot, but that was a lot of good things that are coming our way later, since these will take effect when the game resets earlier this 7PM in Philippine time so rejoice and await the things that Arknights will give us, and like always have fun and happy rolling, Dokutah!