Arknights issues NFT game Oldeus a cease and desist order because of its plagiarized content

Popular RPG Arknights claims that the NFT game Oldeus has stole their game content and posted it as their own. As result, Arknights developers issued a cease and desist order against the Oldeus team for plagiarism.


The Arknights team officially announced the issue through their social media account:

Earlier this month, Oldeus released a twenty-one-second game teaser. It instantly went viral after it was released but not because of how beautiful or unique it is but because of how it was shockingly similar to one of the videos that Arknights released during its launch. Each frame was compared by fans of the game and they were shocked to find that it was a direct copy from one of the videos of the game.

arknights vs oldeus.jpg

The Oldeus team acknowledged the issue and used their official Twitter account to explain their side. They posted it on January 8th but deleted it soon after. The team said that the “high-quality creators” they hired were someones who have previously worked in the Arknights team so similarities can be seen. They also said that they are currently in talks with the Arknights team about this issue.

oldeus discord.jpg

In a post they publicly released, the team labeled this issue as a “serious infringement” of copyright. But aside from that, they have also called out false claims made by the Oldeus team. Arknights said that they have not made “any contact” with the Oldeus team, unlike what they said. They also mentioned that they have not entered any partnership with them either.

Arknights then gave the Oldeus team a maximum of 48 hours to remove the copyrighted content along with the false claims that they have made. As of the moment, Oldeus has yet to release their official response. Stay tuned for further developments!