Arknights Launches “Vigilo” Event with a New Free Outfit in the Update

The strategic mobile RPG Arknights is launching the new story collection event Vigilo to show the past life of Doctor. A new outfit for Provence, with other materials, will also be redeemable in this new event.


About Vigilo

The new story collection, Vigilo, runs from February 17 at 10:00, to February 27, 03:59 (UTC -7). The event will unveil prior stories of Doctor with Kal’tsit, Amiya, and other Elite Operators, as well as with Theresa in Babel when Doctor hadn’t yet suffered memory loss. Also, this event shows us other stories that happened at Columbia and Rhodes Island after Doctor was rescued from the sarcophagus.


Event Rewards

Doctors can obtain the event currency ‘Imagini’ by clearing all the stages, except Annihilation and Extreme Mode, to redeem event rewards. A free outfit for Provence, “Wasteland Walker”, can be obtained from the event shop. Doctors can also exchange Information Fragments that can not only be used to unlock stories in this collection, but in any previous story collection. In addition, other materials like Furniture Parts, Battle Records, Recruitment Permits, Elite Materials, etc. can also be redeemed from the event shop.

Story Collections

By using Information Fragments, players can unlock 6 new pieces of stories in Vigilo, getting to know what things happened to Doctor before and after previous major events.

The chapters COGITATIO and ANTERIOR tell the experience before Doctor suffers from memory loss. COGITATIO traces back to the rebellion in Babel. In ANTERIOR, from the narration of Kal’tsit, Doctor learned of memories about Scout and Theresa from when they were in Babel.


SPES, MEMORIA, VALOREM, and PIGNUS each show different clips after Doctor was rescued from the sarcophagus. In the chapter MEMORIA, Rhodes Island suffered a catastrophe, but Doctor was still able to lead everyone to safety while suffering from memory loss. VALOREM tells stories of Scout and Ace after Doctor found some items belonging to them in a warehouse. The chapter SPES happened in Colombia when Doctor, Amiya, Blaze, and other operators were on a business trip. Additionally, in PIGNUS, Closure talked about herself with Rhodes Island and Doctor while doing data filing with PRTS. However, PRTS seems to still hide an unknown secret…

These collections will show us a lot of clips from the past, paving the way for subsequent updates. Let’s unwrap this scroll of the past together.

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