Arknights New Event and Operator: Stories of Afternoon

I hope you all have been active in Half-Anniversary Special Event as the Lanterns gives materials to level and those can go a long way. But we get, you might be getting tired of the event, or you have completed the grind already and gotten the limited edition furniture and the Gitano skin, but don't you worry one bit. Arknights have new content to roll out soon.

Arknights a.png

Stories of Afternoon
While the Lantern Festival is over and you might feel like grinding new stories, the new event has a new twist for this one. A little bit of both, Stories of Afternoon will require you to play normal stages, maps, and others so that you can unlock the story events including the rewards. The rewards are also attractive. Attractive since we are talking about a new Ptilopsis skin which is very cute on her and expect enhancement materials, pots and more. Progression will still carry on as some hardmode content will drop soon.

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Dailies Are Open
As tradition for these types of events, the dailies are once again opened. This will be a perfect time to level all your favorite and meta operators in the event where you'll desperately need them. Aside from the always open EXP nodes, the Red Voucher, LMD, Carbon Pack and Skill Book nodes in Supplies will be open until September 2. Together with that, Chip Nodes for all Operator Classes are open as well. They might be expensive but you definitely need them for E1s and E2s.

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Thousand-Headed Arsenal Banner
One of the highlights of this announcement. Ceobe's Banner titled as "Thousand-Headed Aresenal" will be open in a few days now. It's time for you to pick up Ceobe, an Single Target Caster in the banner, she's pretty adorable and plenty useful if you like a second option for Amiya or you do not have Eyjafjalla. Other than that, you can also get Leizi and Lappland here. I do not have run the thoughts of Leizi as if she's usable in higher end content or not, but she looks cool! Lappland is also one of the staples in CC last time so you might want to grab her too.

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Re-edition: Cambrian Series
If you missed the chance to nab these skins, then this is your time to get them again. The Cambrian Series going to have its reissue. Get Courier's "New Routes", Texas "Winter Messenger" and Specter's "Undercurrent" skins if you did not in the first chance.

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Another fun, light-hearted event that we will get soon. I am glad that we have these breaks on the real nitty gritty stuff of the game as it tends to be very harsh, a little slice of life within the operators is what we need sometimes to enjoy them as well. Hope you guys will play the event to get Ptilopsis the skin, you might not have her now, but in the future, you can get her and nab the skin!