Arknights News Update: New Operators, Free Sanity Packs and Opens up Daily Nodes for 2 Weeks!

Guild of Guardians
With the Obsidian Festival event, or better known as Heart of Surging Flame event over, the grind for the gachapon machine has ended. We're back to the menial grind and progressing our operators. But it seems like there's something in the horizon that is coming out soon. Let's check it out!

Free Pots and Open Nodes?

Yesterday, it was posted that starting May 20 to June 3, they will be things to keep the dead week away, by MORE FARMING. Yup, you heard that right, it's time to progress further in the game by doing more dailies. HAHAHA. We all know that one of the traits of Arknights is the Low Sanity recovery it has, so they are solving the problem in this dead week by giving us more sanity pots. One pack per day in the span of 2 weeks! That would definitely help us fellow Doctors to level up our operators, build up our base, save more shop vouchers and collect more Lungmen Dollars (LMDs) for Elite Promotions and Level ups.

But there's another problem you ask? The other dailies are not open everyday and it might not be enough for your operators to catch up in time? Fear not! They also thought of that problem and now they are solving it by opening it at the same time they are going to give out Sanity Packs! So now is definitely the right time to catch up in the game!

Speculation for the Next Event

This is usually rare to have, in my experiences in games like this, giving out free refills of "stamina" and opening experience node means one thing, something big and difficult will happen in the game. A few rumors going about is the next event, Contingency Contract, veterans and CN server players of the game call this an end-game event where there are various risks and certain conditions needed in order to win in that event. It is also been said that the higher the risk, the bigger the reward. With this dead week seemingly looking like a preparation for CC, for veterans, it's time to gear up, level and promote your operators to prepare yourself a good challenge, while for beginners and the ones who started early, like us, time to level up and promote our operators as well to try and get as much as rewards from CC. We don't need to be afraid of the event, we'll just do what we need to do.

New Operators on the Way!

We hope that you got your Cuora and FEater already, because we will be having new operators to be available in both credit shop and shop voucher store! The Credit Shop will have Dur-Nar, a valuable defender so visit your friends and unlock and share clues to get more credits!

Also, Ethan and Breeze will appear in the Shop Voucher store, these operators will also be amazing as well! So better grab them when they hit up, especially if you are a F2P type of player.


However, this is all in speculation and the event is still far from what the veterans and those who predict the event will land would be. We don't have future-sense or "Clairvoyance EX" for the event so far, so we will just rely on what we think and suspect at the time being. Rather than looking into what would happen, we should just enjoy the game and have fun levelling our operators, it makes the game easier and fun, right? Make sure to login everyday for those sweet sanity pots, also Melantha's Log-in Bonus is still up so don't forget to get it!