Arknights Prepares for Summer as the New Event - Heart of Surging Flame comes this week!

Arknights has been one of the breakaway games since last year. Developed by Hypergryph and published by Yostar, these two companies hae teamed to make an interesting game for those who want something new for the mobile gaming industry. Albeit the tower defense genre is not popular, new players are finding their newfound love to the genre with remarkable characters, worldbuilding and story that AK has provided them. But in the new event we will talk about, forget the dark and grim future, it's time for summer!


The event is called "Hearts of the Surging Flame". It will last from April 29 to May 13 of 2020. The event will be filled with a lot of things to do so better prepare to have some Originite Prime and your time ready to get all the rewards from this event. First off, let's talk about what we can expect from the event. It will have new operations and clearing it will definitely rack you some rewards that will help you progress in the event. But that's not the best thing to know so far. As when you clear the operation OF-4 for the first time, it will net you the 5 star operator, Ceylon. We know that new operators will definitely help us progress from the game, therefore get ready to play!


The event will be separated into two parts, one part that will focus on the parts of the event that will definitely be easier for the doctors who have started out fresh and for those who are willing to go the distance in the event. There would be two stages, the first will be Main Stage which will have operations named OF-1 until OF-6. This stage will cost sanity and you can obtain Siesta Obsidian and Obsidian Festival Ticket, both essential to the event. Remember that Ceylon will be obtainable from OF-4 so you will not miss the opportunity to nab this operator. As long as you play through. The second stage is called Fair Grounds which will use your Obsidian Festival Tickets, if you clear these stages, it will grant you Obsidian Festival Tokens which will grant you the ability to get stuff you want from Capsules Machines that we will talk later about.

Part 2 meanwhile, will start at May 6 where the doctors that want to have a knack of challenge will set their sights in winning these operations. The new operations will be code named OF-EX-1 until OF-EX-2 which will cost Sanity but expect great rewards from it. Both events will last until the end of the event which is May 13, giving you a lot of chance to do these events with ease and get the things that you want from the game.


Capsule Machines will be available while the event is also up. Use your Obsidian Festival Tokens to grab Ceylon's token for her promotions, event limited furniture and various materials that will help you get your progression for the game much more easier. So better head to the Fair Grounds after you obtained enough Obsidian Festival Tickets from the Main Stage to get the ball rolling. Literally!


Remember how we talk about the Siesta Obsidian in the Main Stage? Well, this is where you will use it. Mission Milestones will net you more rewards such as an outfit for Ansel, the Casual Vacation HDm06, more Obsidian Festival Tickets AND Tokens, more furniture and other materials in the game! Better get your play times up for this event to get a shot at the barrage of rewards coming through. Especially, if you want that outfit for Ansel, we definitely recommend you to start getting ready.


What's a gacha game without gacha? Of course in every event, there will be rate-ups for new operators that doctors will definitely find interesting. For those who are getting their Originite Prime ready to roll the new operators here are the ones that you need to prepare for.

6* Schwarz
5* Glaucus/Blue Poison
4* Sussurro

Interesting operators indeed, so if you like want of them, better get your rolls ready!


Cosmetics is the best way for microtransactions in any free-to-play games as it does not intrude the meta of the game and just brings those who love certain operators to shower them with appreciation by giving them new costumes and whatnot. Since it's summer, prepare for a spicy and awesome outfits for various characters such as:

Summer - Silent Night DN02
Skyfire - Temperature Difference RT.RX01
Vigna -Casual Vacation HD01
Ifrit - Sunburn SS-SP
Sora - Summer Flowers FA361
Gummy - Summer Flowers FA011


Maintaining a good base for your resources and a great environment for your operators is key to become a great doctor. Furniture helps you increase the effectiveness of your dormitory which helps morale for the operators. Sooooo, if you want to make it better, you need to make sure that furniture is brought to the dorm to make their living space much more.. livable!

This event will bring two new furniture sets that will interest those who love these designs, better check it out. The first one is Rhode Island Music Rehearsal Room which brings in the musical vibe and the atmosphere oozes a classy style and the other is the Siesta Beach Hut which is the themed furniture of this event. If you want to bring the summer vibe for your operators, this is the furniture set for you!


Arknights continues its attraction to new players by bringing in something new and offering players each type of experience for different doctors. This event might bring in the chill vibe of the summer rather than the harsh conditions of their story which is a nice break for those who have played the game for so long. Fan service is still important to others despite what people say otherwise, so this is a good move. Are you going to participate in the event? Tell us in the comments below!