Arknights returns to its Dark Origins: Children of Ursus Event is Currently Running

Arknights have been a popular mobile game in the market recently and it is not just a fluke why it is so. The characters, lore, and the worldbuilding it has gives the game a lot of potential to go beyond what is beyond the mile and deliver a story that will captivate the players. Sure, the earlier chapters might not be as charming as the latest ones, but it has developed a lot of characters through the campaign and the event stories that it has.

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Today, we will be talking about the current event and how a mobile game can have a dark story that will grip the players. Presenting, the Children of Ursus event.

The Children of Ursus Event
The Children of Ursus is the event that is happening right now and it expands the story of the Ursus Self-Governing Group who have survived their harsh past in the events of Chernobog's fall. If you remember the story, Chapters 0 to 1 covered the Chernobog Incident in which the Reunion launched their attack on the Ursus Nation, specifically Chernobog to send a message to the world. These girls have endured too much on that incident and by reading their stories you'll have to see their nightmares and traumas that haunt them to this day in this event. Heck, some CN veterans suggest that the faint of heart can skip this if they cannot take heavy and dark themes. That's how they are serious about this.

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The event will run from September 29 to October 9 and the event will have 7 different stages with Challenge Quests along the way. Meaning you can get 14 Originite Prime in the event. There's an event shop that lets you purchase various items such as the free 5* Caster, Absinthe, Information Fragments to unlock past and present event stories, event furniture, parts, EXP cards, and more. You can gain the event currency in the event maps and all other maps besides Annihilation and Extreme Mode.

First Snowfall Banner
With the end of the Bagpipe Banner, people have pulled a lot of headhunting multis for the game-changing Vanguard in the game. Wallets exhausted they decided to delay the other hyped about banners and made this event. At least that's what I think about it. But don't get me wrong, this banner has a lot of amazing operators with their special uses and purposes. The featured 6 * Rosa is a sniper that can deal with defense-heavy enemies with ease. Istina is a great substitute for Angelina while Podenco and Leonhardt have their special purposes as well that you might find interesting.

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Do not worry though, they will be adding these characters after the event ends and no one is limited in the current banner so if you feel like you need to save for the future, then do not panic. You can get them via spooks and other rate-up events.

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New Furniture Set
The Ursus girls have suffered much, they might have past memories of sorrow and grief after the Chernobog Incident but that does not mean they did not have fond memories back in their schools. Make them relive the good times with the new furniture set that is Ursus Student Clubroom.

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New Outfits - Rhodes Kitchen
Finally, let's leave the Ursus stories to check the outfit store's newest outfit collection, the Rhodes Kitchen set. There are outfits for Istina, Beehunter, and Magallan. If you ask me, that Magallan outfit is very tempting to get even if I do not have Magallan yet, penguin waifu is too real. But Beehunter and Istina's are not too bad too. They are also cute!

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After the grueling challenge that is the Contingency Contract # 0 "Operation: Barrenlands", we are pitted to a brutal story that will definitely make us more curious about the story of the game. How horrible did the girls suffer in the events that transpired in Chernobog? Who is the cause of this disaster? How can we avenge our operators? Play the event to know more!