Armored God Account Intro


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Aug 7, 2018
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Don't know how to deal with your account? Wanna secure your account? Check here for help!
Guest Login

Click [Guest Login] button, you can enter the game as a visitor and you do not need to register an account.

For the second time you login with [Guest Login], the following notice would appear. If you do not want to become an official member, you can click [Try Now] to login.

Try Now
Notice: The data of the Guest account may disappear if you changed a device or your device is broken. For the security of your account, we would suggest you upgrade your guest account and become an official member as soon as possible.
How to upgrade?

Click[Guest Login]>>[Upgarde Now]>>[Phone Member]/[Efun member]>>Input the all the information to bind

Upgrade Now

Notice: After upgrading successfully, the Guest Login will disappear. Please choose “Efun Member” to login. If the Guest Login doesn’t disappear, it means that your upgrade operation doesn’t approve. Please try again.

Phone/Efun Member Account

A. Register for a Phone/Efun Member Account

Click Phone button or [Efun Member]>>>[Register] >>>Input all the information to Register

B.Retrieve Password (Phone&Efun Member)
[Phone Member]/[Efun Member]>>[Retrieve Password]>>[Input Username]>>[Retrive with SMS]/ [Retrieve with Email]

If your account has not been bound with any email, please kindly bind email to your account firstly:
[Problem Encountered]>>[Bind Email]>>[Phone Number]/[Efun Member]

Bind Email
C. Change Password
[Problem Encountered]>>[Change Password]>>[Phone Member]/[Efun Member]

Change Password
Login with FB/G+/Twitter/Game Center/VK
Click corresponding button>>Input username and password>>Login