Armored God Top-Up Guide

Guild of Guardians


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Aug 7, 2018
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Recharging via Efun Platform has more recharge bonus! It's your first choice
  • A.Efun Platform: tap "e" button or official recharge website: to recharge

  • B.Google Wallet/ iTunes: tap “+” symbol and then choose the recharge amount that you want

2. About Recharge Bonus
  • A.Efun Platform:First recharge on each recharge method of Efun Platform can get extra 100% B. Diamond (Invalid for Speacial Purchase)
    Recharge method of Efun Platform are Credit/Debit Card; Paypal and E-wallet except Paypal.

  • B.Google Wallet/ iTunes:1st Top-up of each top-up package can get 100 B. Diamond bonus~

Tip:Players can see 1st Bonus symbol if you do not used up the chances. You can also check the total Diamond and B. Diamond amount that you can get by tapping certain recharge amount. 1st Bonus symbol will disappear if you use up the chances.

3.Recharge Failed/ Abnormal Recharge
Please contact us via Facebook private message: . Input “recharge” and follow the steps to submit your report.

4. Recharge Events
More recharge events will be released from time to time, please stay tuned on~