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Mar 13, 2017
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Hi guys and girls! My name is Aroebe, pronounced R O B, like you're spelling my name. I'm from a quiet amish town in middle of nowhere Pennsylvania and still live locally. I'm really excited to finally start streaming on Twitch and it's been really cool to get to meet a lot of fellow Filipinos through the channel. I'd love to meet more. Sadly I only speak English for now but I'm very open to trying to learn Tagalog! Come check out the channel and hang out with me. I'd like to find more Filipino streamers as well to network with and auto host.

I stream all the time, so follow and set it to notify you to catch the unscheduled streams.

You can always find me: Monday / Tuesday 9am - 3pm
Friday / Saturday 6pm - 2am

All times are EST - Eastern Standard Time