Arts leads to a Mysterious Game: Alchemy Stars Future Release iOS Android 

Guild of Guardians
If you do some hard sleuthing on things, you might discover something new altogether. From a simple art share to a future game release whether it is only for JP or otherwise, one thing's for sure. It might be the next hit or a new gacha game that people will like. Anyways, we might have something new on the radar that might tickle your fancy. Let's take a look at it.


Gacha games usually have art done by artists all over the internet, from Twitter, weibo, Pixiv and heck even sometimes Facebook, if you have a good name to back your popularity, you will get somewhere. But for now, artists on Twitter were spotted posting art with the hashtag #白夜極光. Translating it on Google Translate brings us "White Night Aurora", after leading to a Twitter handle that GamerBraves spots as "Alchemy Stars" but named as "White Noclar Light Official", here is their Twitter.


Now, it seems like we have stumbled into a new game in our hands. It does say on their Twitter page that their release will be in the Summer of 2021 but it remains if it will only stay on JP or have a global release altogether. Looking a bit deeper on the Twitter of this game reveals some art of the game which remains me of the few gacha that I play, it reminds me of the Artsytle of some Operators in Arknights, while the game is still under wraps it is curious where it will lead to.


This, for sure is a gacha game with all the characters that are shown in their Twitter handle, however I am curious as to what kind of genre this gacha has, will it be an RPG, Tower Defense, Bullet Hell, Beat Em' Up? Only time will tell but this is getting interesting, that's for sure. More games for us to play, more waifus to collect, hopefully will not be more money removed from wallet though. Haha