Ascension Now Available For All Classes in Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss today announced that Ascension is now available for all classes in Black Desert Mobile. Starting today, Adventurers now have the ability to unlock new class-specific skills to further enhance their characters and their potential.

Ascension allows Adventurers to enhance their characters using the same Main Weapons and Sub-Weapons as their base class. Those who are level 60 and above can ascend to a new class by embarking on a story quest, in which five new Ascension skills will be unlocked after completion. An additional skill can also be unlocked after reaching level 70.

Ascension Skillbooks can be acquired at low drop rates in certain zones, such as the Omar Lava Cave and Soldiers' Grave. Equippable skills gained prior to a character's Ascension will be converted according to the new "Skill Training" system that increases AP, DP, and HP. The Ascension skills drastically shift and expand the combat capabilities of all classes, giving Adventurers a new way to approach combat in the game.

In addition, Alchemy Stones have also been added to Black Desert Mobile. These equippable items provide buffs such as increased attack and defense points, a higher drop rate of silver and Black Stones, and the ability to level up weapons and gear. Alchemy Stones can be acquired from the ninth chamber of the Ancient Ruins or crafted through alchemy in the Camp using Alchemy Stone Fragments, which can also be obtained in the Ancient Ruins.

Seoul, South Korea February 26, 2020

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