Ascent: Infinite Realm is now renamed Elyon - Ascent: Infinite Realm with Closed Beta coming soon PC 

The vast popularity of MMORPGs are really a big hit in Asia, from the classic old games to the newcomers they always have something to offer to. People have been craving for new MMORPGs that might spice up their gaming as they try to survive this lockdown that the whole world is experiencing right now. Well, there is news about one which might be exciting for everyone.

Developer Bluehole and its publisher Kakao Games are pleased to announce that their upcoming project, Ascent: Infinite Realm or A:IR have been renamed for Elyon but retaining the original name as its subtitle. The reception of this news has been lukewarm at best as people are wondering why did they change it and various reactions about the name change. Nevertheless, this is a step in the right direction since Elyon is easier to understand and remember than A:IR's full name.

In related news, Elyon is readying up for a closed Korean beta test in April 11. From there on out, we can see what they have improved in their latest work. They have been propping up 3 core aspects of the game that they are featuring as something to look forward to. First, is that it will have the same thing that TERA fans have loved, "Dynamic Combat" which is a non-target system. Another aspect is the Skill Customizing, according to one redditor, this mechanic makes the game have a unique experience since you can have 3 upgrades per skill that changes the way it looks like. Making your strikes and actions more graphically pleasing and unique. Finally, the game has also touted to have a competition part which is looked at as PVP. Whilst, people are divided if they prefer PvE or PvP if Elyon can do a great work, it might convince those who are against PvP as well to give it a try!

While the wait for the global version can be so far away, it is a good thing to look at this game first before diving into it. Preparation and first impression matter so let us see what they have to offer to us. Will you be observing Elyon - Ascent: Infinite Realm while it is in Closed Beta Test? Tell us in the comments below!