Assassin basics: Seperated DA and Crit

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Sep 13, 2018
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Generally, you want your assassin to have high agility as dodge or the "flee" attribute combined with fast strikes are their bread-and-butter features. Str for obvious reasons, then dexterity or luck depending on your end game route of pure DA or CritSin. Adding vitality then ensures that you will not be 1-shot by certain skills from high-end monsters, or increases hp regen from healing items. Luck gives you critical chance, 1 damage every 3 points, 1 perfect dodge/10 pts, and a little resistance to status effects occurring.

Attached below is a general stat window (albeit sinX) for the assassin class. Here, if you want to go critsin route, just divert the necessary skill points in dex to luk as you please. Take not of the increase in your Critical tab to measure how much crit chance you are aiming for. Note that Critical Attacks NEVER MISS - this being the reason crit sin's are only allotted 1 to 9 points in dex. Should you prefer the DA type, 40 to 50 dex is recommended. Dex gives you HIT and tightens your attack range allowing it to come closer to the "true" value of your attack. The excess dex you see in this photo is for extra steal (for geffenia) and brewing (EDP success chance at sinX) purposes.

For lvling, my route is 50+ to 75 byalan 5 using grimtooth for safety and avoiding waterball. 76 to 85 alarms for good exp+loot and the enchant poison will make quick work of them. From 86 onwards, your choice can be medusa(boned, as decussate is very expensive), anolians (endow wind+saharic/boned weapon), or stay in alarms(boned/beholder+maintain poison). For crit sin, standard weap is +4 or up 2crit katar, or with a generous budget, thief set or paper/mobster. Should you do a thief set combo or other is totally up to your preference. Item combos(armor and weaps) are also up to personal preference, but may I wholeheartedly endorse panty+undies+2x thief figs+boots of hermes. I have used these items from lvl 15 thief up to trans sinX so I can vouch for it. Weapon and headgear combinations that are advised are snake hat w/card, +4 or higher 2boned katar or +4 up hybrid jamad + indo/pphb. For crit sin, +4 or up 2SS/1paper1mob/ ++thief card set etc... are highly recommended.

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