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Jul 7, 2019
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Join Noriyuki Iwadare and an all-star cast of Japanese Voiceovers in the fantasy JRPG of a lifetime! Assemble more than 50 legendary heroes as you explore the Astral Realm unraveling plots of intrigue in this side-scrolling adventure!

As Travelers of the Astral Realm, we are often faced with monsters of great difficulty. Those who cannot progress are advised to seek more power within the Cosmic Rift.

The Cosmic Rift bestows Travelers with great EXP as well as having a chance to drop powerful Legendary equipment for your allies. Higher difficulties also drop key items required for unlocking character Mastery.

What challenges have you faced on your journeys through the Rift?

A mystic call from the Astral Realm brings you into a world where people believe in the supremacy of magic and truth.
This leads you on an unforgettable journey to challenge fate itself as you come face-to-face with:
  • Dreadful Dragons,
  • Elegant Elves,
  • Covetous Orcs,
  • Diligent Dwarves,
  • Endearing Gutes.

Each race has its own traits, and some may have their own axe to grind, as you embark on an unforgettable journey through this fantasy realm.

Travelers, are you excited about the July 22nd release of AstralChronicles?


Guardian - "My body is the shield of my allies."
  • Bears the brunt of the damage.
  • High HP and Defense.
  • Hold the front line for your allies.
Who's brave enough to be a Guardian?
In AstralChronicles your main character can change class as you see fit. Be sure to try them all and see what suits your play-style.

Ranger - "Hunting is an art, and I'm good at it."
  • Deal damage from afar.
  • Safe distance from enemies.
  • Strong and fast basic attacks.

Who's looking forward to Ranger?
In AstralChronicles your main character can change class as you see fit. Be sure to try them all and see what suits your play-style.

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  • 500 Shares Violet Badge x5, Refining Stone x10
  • 1000 Shares Sunlight Badge x5, STR Drink x5
  • 2000 Shares Cosmic Ticket x1, Coins x20,000

Astral Chronicles Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Thorny Branches?

From the General Store in Gladiator Village.

Where can I find Kabob?
From the General Store in Magic City.

Where can I find Demeter Lilies?
Roaming in the Dawn Cavern. Also can be found in Magic City and Dawn Cavern Cosmic Rifts.

Where can I find the Rock Monster on Monsoon Plains
Location of the Rock Monster on Monsoon Plains

When does the world boss respawn?
24h from when you last killed it.

What do you get for beating the GM NPC?
You can receive a piece of Legendary equipment around your level once per day.

Why does the Cosmic Rift stop giving EXP?
The Cosmic Rift provides 10 Rift Activity Points daily. After using up all 10, players have to spend Red Hourglass or Magic Gems to get more Activity Points to continue getting EXP.

Can I reset the Mastery points of a character?
Currently there is no feature to reset Mastery points, so spend your resources wisely!
The NPC for the “Puppets Daily Routine 1” quest is missing, where is she?
The NPC is attending a funeral at the church, if you advance the main story she will come back.

Where can I find the 4 Soul Shards for the “Titans’ Treasures 2” quest?
These Soul Shards appear around the Badlands as shiny items on the ground, take a look around!
Quest NPC for Titans' Treasures 2

Why can’t I enter my friend’s Invite Code?
Each player can only enter a single code. In addition, each players account can only enter a code while they are below level 25.

Where can I find Gold Veve?
Gold Veve appears randomly in each Cosmic Rift stage, but be careful! He might run away!