Asus ROG Swift Is World’s First 500Hz Monitor

During Computex 2022, ASUS introduced the world's first 500 Hz G-Sync enabled gaming monitor in direct collaboration with NVIDIA. The new ROG Swift 24.1-inch monitor will have a 500 Hz panel with a 1080p resolution and will include NVIDA's Reflex Analyzer and a new vibrance option, among other things.


The latest monitor from ASUS's premium ROG Swift line now has an outstanding 500 Hz E-TN display, making it ideal for fast-paced eSports titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, Overwatch, and titles like these. To distinguish itself from ordinary TN panels, ASUS employs its proprietary "eSport TN'' technology, which the company says provides 60 percent faster response times.

ASUS and NVIDIA demonstrate the benefits of switching to 500 Hz from 240 and 144 Hz in the video attached above. It measures animation smoothness, ghosting, and system latency, among other things.


The ASUS ROG Swift 500Hz features a 24.1-inch 1080p display panel. It also has NVIDIA G-Sync and NVIDIA's Reflex Analyzer, which detects system latency, measures mouse clicks when using an NVIDIA Reflex certified gaming mouse, and measures the time it takes for the pixels on the screen to change.


ASUS has also included a new enhanced vibrance setting in the monitor's software that is specifically optimized for eSports. ASUS claims this allows light to travel through the LCD crystals for better color vibrancy.

Expect this to be expensive and beyond the reach of the average gamer, as we've seen with prior ROG Swift releases. ASUS hasn't released the estimated MSRP of the ROG Swift 500 Hz gaming monitor, nor has it started when it will be available in stores.

500 Hz eSports Gaming Benefits Summary
  • Smoother animation makes tracking moving targets easier.
  • For a clearer, more defined animation, ghosting is minimized.
  • The system's latency has been reduced, allowing you to witness any action in real time.