ASUS RTX 20 Series Gaming Graphics Cards Price Dropped Up To 40% Off in Philippines PC 

Ladies and gentlemen, this is no joke! We all know that this day will arrive, but nobody expected it to be this soon. No one can deny the performance of the RTX 20 series. Ever since it was introduced until today, its popularity exploded and can be seen from every high-end PC build video on the internet despite the criticism about its price. But, it seems that Christmas came early for ASUS fans!

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Source: Asus ROG Philippines Facebook

Previous buyers, especially those who bought them weeks or a month ago, were shocked, if not mad. Right now, the ASUS Philippines page took down the post already as reports stock shortage is being confirmed by interested buyers.

The post was filled with memes, disappointed customers, and people who are projecting another markdown once the RTX 30 series is released. But, before we get into other more details, here's the list of ASUS RTX 20 series included in the markdown.

RTX2080 SUPER Price Update
  • ROG-STRIX-RTX2080S-O8G-GAMING: PHP 49,510 PHP 24,490
  • ROG-STRIX-RTX2080S-A8G-GAMING: PHP 48,210 PHP 23,950
  • DUAL-RTX2080S-O8G-EVO-V2: PHP 44,800 PHP 23,450
RTX2080 SUPER Price Update.jpg

RTX2080 SUPER Price Update b.png

RTX2070 SUPER Price Update
  • ROG-STRIX-RTX2070S-O8G-GAMING: PHP 35,950 PHP 21,450
  • ROG-STRIX-RTX2070S-A8G-GAMING: PHP 34,460 PHP 20,830
RTX2070 SUPER Price Update.jpg

RTX2070 SUPER Price Update b.png

RTX 2070 Price Update
  • DUAL-RTX2070-O8G-EVO-V2: PHP 24,810 PHP 20,590
  • DUAL-RTX2070-O8G-MINI: PHP 24,170 PHP 20,830
RTX 2070 Price Update.jpg

RTX 2070 Price Update b.png

RTX2060 SUPER Price Update
  • ROG-STRIX-RTX2060S-O8G-EVO-GAMING: PHP 26,840 PHP 19,610
  • DUAL-RTX2060S-O8G-EVO-V2: PHP 24,170 PHP 18,380
RTX2060 SUPER Price Update.jpg

RTX2060 SUPER Price Update b.png

RTX 2060 Price Update
  • TUF-RTX2060-O6G-GAMING: PHP 20,090 PHP 17,940
RTX2060 SUPER Price Update.jpg

RTX2060 SUPER Price Update c.png

The prices were almost, if not already, 40% off from the previous price. It was Zotac Malaysia who first dropped their prices according to the reports before ASUS Philippines did the same thing. These prices are effective IMMEDIATELY today, September 11. Prices from online stores will soon be updated too.

Personally, I'm looking at the anticipation for RTX 30 series which may soon be launched. Although it was just recently introduced, a rumored list of existing RTX 30 series with prices ranging from 1.668,31 € to 740,16 € (PHP 42,500 - PHP 96,000) was found in a German e-tailer.

RTX 30 series.jpg

Until now, it's still unconfirmed whether these RTX 3080 and 3090s were real. One thing is for sure though - THEY'RE EXPENSIVE! But, hey, you already have a good deal right here! For the fans who were waiting for a long time to get their hands in one of the RTX 20 series, it's already a good time.

Meanwhile, disappointed buyers also came into the page to say their complaints. Mainly, because they bought the RTX 20 series a week or month ago and there was no information regarding this sudden markdown during that time. Their disappointment is understandable due to how expensive these GPUs are, then suddenly, you saw this almost 40% markdown after buying it days ago. That's one hell of bad timing and luck.

RTX 20.png

Well, if you can't wait to play COD Warzone with your friends or other high-end games right now, the current prices are already good enough. But, if you have patience and you're still clinging to that prayer just like me, then why not wait for that another glorious price cut once the RTX 30 series is released. So, what do you think of this deal? Is it worth it? Or will you wait too? Tell us your thoughts below.
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