Atlus teases a Hyte made Persona 3 Reload Y60 ATX PC case

Ahead of its scheduled appearance at the Anime NYC, Atlus has already revealed online the Hyte and iBuyPower Persona 3 Reload Y60 ATX PC case.

hyte persona.png

The case is designed using the characters of the game. On the front are Fuuka, Junpei, and Yukari while on the diagonal side is Makoto. On the other side are Shinji, Akihiko, Mitsuru, Koromaru, Ken, and Aigis. The new logo of the game was also used to complete the design of the case.

The Persona 3 Reload Y60 ATX PC case bundle is among the announcements that have been revealed recently. However, those announcements were rather focused on the game contents rather than merchandise. For example, the Fuuka and Koromaru trailers have been released as well as the in-battle outfits for Akihiko, Fuuka, and Mitsuru. Several Social Link voice actors have been revealed as well in Japan.

Persona 3 Reload is an upcoming game that will be released February 2, 2024 globally. It will be available to play on several platforms including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC.