Aura Kingdom 2 On Mobile: First Impression

At exactly 12 PM today, X-Legend opens the SEA, EU, and NA Server of the newly launched global version of their MMORPG Aura Kingdom 2; the mobile game sequel to the hit PC MMORPG. After its successful pre-registration promo that runs since last month, no doubt that the said game pique a lot of interest from the mobile MMORPG community especially those who had grown fond of the first Aura Kingdom in Android and iOS.

This time the players will find themselves in a land called Ramayan who found peace after the sealing of 8 Dragons who nearly destroy it. Thanks to the ancient 8 heroes, this cataclysm is avoided. However, an Demon Lords let loose the seal and now the whole land of Ramayan is once again at the peak of chaos.

Luckily, you are found by one of the ancient heroes namely Leona and told you that you are the destined holder of the power of Gaia. In short, you are the chosen hero to save the Ramayan.

Well, the story might sound too typical but let's try to dissect what are the nice and not so nice points that we encountered in Aura Kingdom 2 on its first run.

The game itself has all the standard MMORPG features such as the auto-routing, auto-battle, dungeons, customization, PVP, Guilds and Marriage system (never knew this feature is actually getting popular nowadays hehe). You can select from four classes available in the game: the tanky Dragoon, DPS Shinobi, Nuker Elementalist and Long-Range DPS Nymph (the only gender locked class in the game).

Each can have promoted into a higher class base from your level and quest that you accomplished.

Gameplay-wise it is quite easy if you are played mobile MMORPGs before. However, its interesting asset lies in the inclusion of Eidolons in the game. Eidolons are powerful characters that you can acquire via gacha system (which once again is not that new for mobile gamers out there). You can form a 5-member squad of Eidolon that can assist you in every combat.

They are fully upgradeable with each possessing different skills and roles from Tank type to Life/Support type. You can even pick one Eidolon from your squad and during battles, you can gain access to its ultimate skills to send monsters or other players running for cover. And to keep it more than just your usual squadmates, you can also increase your relationship status with your chosen Eidolon by boosting its affinity through a conversation.

X-Legend is so generous that if you pre-registered before the launching of Aura Kingdom 2, you will get a chance to acquire an SR Eidolon!

In the visual area, Aura Kingdom has a very nice 3D world with all its characters have a balanced anime-style aesthetic on them but not to the point that they look like "childish". I must say that the costume and armor designs are pretty wicked with cool accessories that you can find (wings, headphones, masks, etc.). The skills animation is smooth and more fun to watch as compared to the likes of Land of Thel and Laplace M.

Aura Kingdom 2 is open world and you can explore its vast environment via mount (this is not a joke but your first mount in the game is actually a big, fluffy sheep!) or in a very wicked ride atop of a huge shadow bird (for Shinobi only though).

One thing that I noticed in the game though is the BGM during a boss encounter within the chapter you are working with. I may be wrong but the music really shares a similarity with Pokemon's theme song when you encounter a pokemon in the wilderness. For me, that was kinda brilliant as it really put me in the mood for a hell of a fight. Other than that, most of the BGM you will hear in Aura Kingdom 2 are your staple fantasy epic songs that Bards wants to play in the tavern.

There are many things to do here other than fulfilling the main quest. There are numerous Dungeons to raid and hourly events to spice up your usual PVE game. Thee also surprising mini-game that you might encounter along your quest. And of course, the gacha system will also keep you busy unlocking the most powerful Eidolons in the game to join in your mission to save the land of Ramayan.

Overall, Aura Kingdom can fill you in with enough MMORPG experience that can lead you to an overnight questing with so many things to do and to try in this game. It has all the flavors of all other mobile MMORPGs you have heard or played before which makes it a little bit tedious in the long run but the introduction of Eidolons can break the ice once in a while.

You can download Aura Kingdom in Google Store and go fulfill your destiny as the new hero of Ramayan!


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