Aurora Guide and Build


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Oct 9, 2018
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Blue Buff is very good on you, try to get it whenever it’s possible. Red Buff isn’t much important, nice to have in the late game but other allies probably need it more.

Max out your 2nd Skill first because it gets a lower cooldown for each skill point.

Remember that your 1st Skill explodes when it hits minions, this is very important for when you are trying to do a burst combo on an enemy hero, make sure that there are no minion in line so that you can hit them with your 1st Skill too when they are frozen.

Try to have your passive charged when you are expecting a fight (and to do so don’t be afraid to spam your 1st Skill hitting no targets) and when you are expecting a fight make sure to keep it charged, don’t use skills wasting the freeze until it’s safe to do so.

With your passive charged your 2nd skill is an instant stun you can use to unleash your combo, this is mostly good when you want to combo a single target. Your 1st Skill could also be a nice freeze initiation for your combo, it’s nice because it has a longer range and can potentially freeze more enemies. Your ultimate can also be the freeze initiation of your combo but it’s harder to use it like that compared to the others.

Always try to hit enemies with all 3 of your skills while they are frozen to maximize damage.

Your 1st Skill is a very nice lane farming and ranged harass tool, during the laning stage try to use it to hit both the minions and the enemy hero\es with the small explosion.

+High Crowd Control
+Good Teamfight presence
+Good skill damage despite of AD

-Low mobility
-Lack of sustain